Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Two Weeks of Iris

Mama Shengkay love's this photo so much. This is her favorate photo of my first two weeks in this world. Mama Shengkay only breastfeed me for 2months because she has to go back to work so that she can buy my needs and my Auntie Kiana's need. Actually Mama returns to work when I was just 2weeks old. My Wowa Langging is the one who take good care of me when my Mama is not around. But today my Auntie Gillan is one who babysit me.

The last photo from right is my very first photo opt. I was only 11hours old there. The Pink balloon was given to my Mama when my Godmother Bel visit us in the hospital. First photo from left top was my first photo with my Mama. Photo 3rd from down right was my discharge photo. Actually my Mama was discharge first after 2days she gave birth to me. Me need to leave in the hospital for another 3days because of infection. See my hand? that's where my antibiotic was injected.

After my discharge Mama and I needs to go to OPD twice a day for my remaining medication. That medication is thru injection that's why only professional is allowed to give that to me. For remaining 4 days I had to recieve 5 injection in a day, 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Of course I cry my heart out! Nobody like to be injected, hello! that is super super ouch! but thanks to my Mama Sheng becuase she comfort me after my injection.

During my stay in the hospital only my Mama and Wowa Dory is there for me, but don't worry I behave that even though my Mama needs to "bantay" me at night I don't give her headache. I am not a crying baby po. During my confinement It was discovered that there is murmuring in my heart. My Pedia advise my Mama to have me undergo 2D echo-so expensive that test! but becuase Mama loves me, she don't mind it. I was diagnose with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) in my heart. Meaning there is hole in my heart. Mama is sad and so broke of course to know that, but she has to be strong for me because she is the only person I had in my life..But don't worry, its not that serious. I am okay and I am growing healthy. I only had medicine to maintain and every two months we need to visit my Doctor for the monitoring of my heart. According to my doctor I'm doing pretty good and responding to my medication. My next 2d echo is when I turn 1year old. That would mean more or less 5months from now. Meaning my Mama has time to save money for my 2D echo. I pray to Papa Jesus that she'll give Mama more opps so she can save more money.

I hope the hole in my heart will close on my next 2D echo so that my Mama will not be sad and she'll not worry to much of me. We will pray to Papa Jesus that He will heal my heart.

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