Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to Iris Joehanna's World

Hello! This is Iris Joehanna's first post. What to expect here? As the title of this blog says its all about my baby Iris. I will chronicle everything about her so that when she grow up she will realize how much mama sheng love her. She maybe grows up without her father I will see to it that she will feel the love that she needs as she grow up.

Baby this is for you! mama loves you dearly. Hope you grow up as a loving, GOD-fearing, respectful and a happy baby. Mama Sheng will try her best to give everything that you need (kaya mama is venturing in blogosphere because of you). I just hope that someday when you and your father cross path you'll be able to forgive him for abandoning you. Everything happen for a reason BBi.

Mama loves you so much!. You are my rainbow baby because you color my world. Mwah!

1 comment:

  1. congrats baby iris on your new blog, i guess you and my baby jared will see each other around blogosphere then^^
    am your newest follower + looking forward to reading more of your happy adventures here, kudos!^^


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