Saturday, May 28, 2011

Messy Go Round: Donut Again!

I think if theres one food that I love to eat that is Donut. If you remember my first messy go round is I ate donut too. I even wear the same yellow tee.
..the only difference is that my first Messy go Round is I ate filled donut while in this photo I eat Munchins. We always had donut because my Wowa Auntie's husband-my tatay work for Dunkin Donut. He is a foreman in making donut (production). Don't ask me why foreman. Mama just read it in his ID. :)
..hmmm..yum! yum!
..and now I really look messy already. Time to shower and play with water!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Heart Content of A Mama Giveaway

Mommy Mel of heart content of a Mama is hosting a giveway. Price is very interesting especially the 1st prize which is the egg you see above. It's a Ukarainian Easter Egg worth 15$. 2nd prize is 10$.

Mechanics is very simple just subscribe to her blog and follow her on GFC. For more detail visit it HERE

Will be raffled if her GFC reach 500 followers. As of now she has 419 followers. Join us!

Fun Techie She Meme + Giveaway

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly GiveawaysThis is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 1. This week’s prize is one year blog hosting sponsored by Sheryl of GEORYL.
 It is always fun to join Meme's and my Mama Shengkay is actually hosting Orange Tuesdays color meme. But what is more fun is when you are playing meme and at the same time you'll get a prize by joining that meme, isn't it fun? oh yeah! oh yeah! and we we're lucky because we we're personally invited to join the fun.

..and speaking of fun,..last Saturday me, my Mama and Auntie Kiana had fun at Mambukal Nature Resort. Fun because it was my first visit there. My first pool experience, my first forest hiking. Mama had fun also because she experience her first zip line ride or they call it at Mambukal as Slide for Life. Fun also for my Auntie Kiana because her first time to mambukal also. So, it was really fun for the three of us.

So wanna join the fun? why not join Tita Techie She meme + giveaway?..for instruction just click on the badge above.

Have fun everyone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orange Tuesdays: 2weeks Iris

My Mama Shengkay is hosting her own color meme and I support her 100%. In behalf of my Mama we would like to thank all mommies and friends who join her. As I can see it its a success! I'm sure Mama is very happy with that.

To support her I also had my entry. As mention in her Shengkay's Journal blog orange is not our favorate color but we have plnety of it in our house. See my beddings?.Mama actually bought thiswhen  she was not sure of my gender and to play safe she just bought this in this color so that when I happen to be a boy its still okay.

In this photo I was only 11days old here and most of my time I just sleep.

Don't I look cute here?
how about this one? :)

Again, thanks for playing my Mama's Orange Tuesdays color meme. Hope to see you next week. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iris Turns Eight Months Today!

Iris turns 8months today and I want to thank GOD because she is very healthy and a very behave baby. She gave me no headache. Happy birthday baby Aying!

It’s been 8 months that I am enjoying motherhood and I feel really bless for that at the same time kinda hard especially raising a baby alone. You know financially. There are really times that I am financially drain that even diaper of Iris I can’t buy unless I borrow money from my friend. But it’s okay during that moment that is the time I feel GODs grace to me and my baby. He really provides our needs. But you know despite all the hardship that I encounter as a mother at the end of the day I am still grateful that I am a mother.

Anyways, here the list of Iris can do at 8months and her milestones:

  •  She can utter mammaa and just babble anything she think like nanana..ummm..
  • She eats solid food. Rice, Soft veggies, fruits. She drinks plenty of water too! She can drink 175ml of water in one session.
  • She weighs now 8.1 kilo. But afraid that she loss weight because she is teething.
  • And yes she is teething. She had one teeth and the other one is ready to sprout.
  • She crawls fast; she can sit alone and stand alone holding in her bamboo crib.
  • She likes to go out.
  • She knows how to pa-cute to all of us.
Iris is really a darling to us that surrounds her and because of her my relationship to my stepfather and my other siblings is getting better. I am grateful that they love my daughter. Iris needs love and security aside from me because she only have me in her life.

Again, happy birthday Anak. Mama loves you so much! Mwah!

***photo taken just today. No fancy celebration just smooching..smooching..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Okay before I share my mommy moments 2011, let me first inform you that my Mommy Moments home will be transferred here in my baby's blog. This blog as the title say's is all about my baby Iris and most of my MM entry is about her so I decided to make this blog a home for my MM entry.

So what's up with my Mothers day last May 8?..well, since my baby is 7months old only I decided that we go out. As tribute to my Auntie whose been very good to me and serve as my second mother I treat her for diner. We go out and I bring Iris at Arcade, with us my little sister Kiana. Iris enjoy the ride same as Kiana and my cousin. Actually I already post it here our mothers day celebration.

My sister made a card for me. Well its not really a card but I appreciate her effort (I actually ask her what is her gift to me-hehehe-and she made me a card. To those who don't knew my sister. Kiana is very dear to me because I am the one who raise her since she was just 3 years old and now she is 9 years old. I love my little sister as much as I love my daughter. Before my baby Iris came to my life Kiana is my baby first. Well, she is still my baby til now.
This is one of our photo last Mothers Day. I also bought Iris some books that day.
mommy moments

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bookworm Iris

Hello everyone! how's your weekend? me, my Mama and Auntie Kiana spent our weekend at Mambukal Nature Resort. That was my first time to go there. Actually last year when I was just in my mama's tummy we go there, I was 5months inside mama's tummy.

Anyway, we're on 4th edition of Kids in Doodles and so far no absent to join the fun. And my entry for this week is when I am looking at the picture ans mama took a photo of me. This is also the first book that mama bought to me. She bought this when I was just infant.
Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting! You might also want to join the 1st edition of my Mama's Meme which is the Orange Tuesdays Meme. Hope you support her color meme. That's tomorrow. Thank you po.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KID #3: Cutie Pie Me!

Hello playmates! time to show up our cuteness in kids in doodle! This photo of mine was taken last January 17, 2011- i was almost four months in here. My Auntie's are trying to make fun of me here and I play with them.
Mama Shengkay is the one who is holding me in this photo. I beat their happy see me laughing and pa-cute to them.
Wish to join us? just click on the badge below.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Jared's First Blog Giveaway!

I am joining Kuya Jared's giveaway and hoping to win infatable pool. Mama thought this giveaway is already up. Thanks to Tita Vix for informing Mama that it is extended till May 21, 2011.

Mechanics are very simple just visit this page contest HERE.

Prizes will depend to where the participants came from. If from Manila winner will get 500 pesos gift check from Musik Garten while participants from Province will get as I have mention is inflatable pool. Hope I get lucky here.

Mother's Day Celebration

Last May 8, Sunday Mama Sheng and I go on malling. With us is my Wowa Dory, Tita Nelsie and Auntie Kiana. Mama plan that we should go out on this day to celebrate her first mother's day. I am too baby to understand about mothers day. What I know is..this is my first arcade experience! I enjoy every ride though there are rides that I don't like.
Mama invited my Wowa to go with us as Mama's gift to her on Mother's day because Wowa is the one who is always with my Mama when she is pregnant to me. (Photo above) This is yacht ride I love this one. This is my first try.
Is this Optimus Prime?. I don't like him. :))

I love this one! The greeny huge!

With me is my Tita Nelsie and in red jacket is Mama's little sister Auntie Kiana.
Broom! Broom!
After our rides, we had Dinner at Mang Inasal. Mama Sheng just bought me hotdog. Yummy!

Mama is trying to get hotdog from my mouth because she's afraid I'd be choke. I bite more than I can chew. Hehehe.
Love hotdog!
And then we go to national bookstore to buy some books for me. Mama bought me two books. (photo above) I am trying to get the book from Mama. I love Mickey mouse and she is holding a book of mickey mouse.

That's how we celebrate Mother's day...hmmm..seems like it's Iris Joehanna's day. What do you think? lol
Have great week ahead! Mwah! thanks for the visit!
Smiling SallyLife and then Som

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iris is Teething!

Wow! Iris is finally teething. At Seven months she started teething. Well so far she never gotten fever or whatsoever. She's very okay, no tantrums as I expected as a baby is teething. But my Auntie told me on second batch of teeth that's we're a baby experience those. My sister who babysit her is the one who notice it when they go walking at Lagoon last May 1 (2011).

I have read an article that most of the baby actually start teething at age 6months (meaning late na pala si Iris?) while some babies born with teeth already-which I think seldom happen. Also, diarrhea, cough and fever has nothing to do with the eruption of the teeth. Hmmm..(thinking) I don't think so. Anyway, I am happy because Iris is not experiencing that teething virus.

Congrats baby! :)