Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bookworm Iris

Hello everyone! how's your weekend? me, my Mama and Auntie Kiana spent our weekend at Mambukal Nature Resort. That was my first time to go there. Actually last year when I was just in my mama's tummy we go there, I was 5months inside mama's tummy.

Anyway, we're on 4th edition of Kids in Doodles and so far no absent to join the fun. And my entry for this week is when I am looking at the picture ans mama took a photo of me. This is also the first book that mama bought to me. She bought this when I was just infant.
Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting! You might also want to join the 1st edition of my Mama's Meme which is the Orange Tuesdays Meme. Hope you support her color meme. That's tomorrow. Thank you po.



  1. mambukal is really a nice place . enjoy reading baby

    want to ask a lil favor:) ur comment for this blog post will help a lot

    many thanks

    my K in D entry is here

  2. wow..ang cute namn ni baby oi! she will be a smart kid:) good day..thanks for dropping by!

  3. wow! she is already taking an interest to books! good one iris! :D invite mo kami mommy sheng sa bday nya ha :D heheheh

    Trampoline Fun at the Mall

  4. You have to guide her all the time para hindi mawala yung hilig nya sa book,although time will surely come that she might prefer to chew the book than to read it,lol!

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles on it's 4th week.

  5. Good job, Iris. Willa's right, hahaha. I don't know why books are delicious to kids, lol. Some d not chew but tear it to pieces. Hope Iris will be a bookworm when she grows up.

  6. wow! galing ah! it is always best to expose our kids to books.. the younger, the better! looks like we do have one little bookworm right there! thanks for the visit, sis! visiting late via KID
    raya of our home and haven

  7. ooh, she's really enjoys reading. Thanks for the visit.

  8. Keep it up Iris! Books are good for you....they are my bestfriends! ;) -Mirage

  9. thanks titas for all your comments..

  10. My kids love books but recently they are more interested in playing psp than the books.. but lately, my little Alexa shows some interest in books. thats nice!

  11. Iris, I'm sure you had fun that weekend. My late KID entry is up! Hope you can still drop by and comment. BTW, come join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thanks and see you around.


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