Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love Cup Cake!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mommies in the world!
Hi Ate Steffi! I am joining again your messy go round Meme. I think I had plenty of messy stuff since I am still a baby. Did I mention Mama Shengkay little sister is same as your name but with different spelling. Her name is Kiana Kim. Since Mama loves her as much as she loves me she made my Aunt her own blog too! Maybe next week Mama will publish it. Hope you follow her too.

Anyway Ate Stef my share for this week Messy go Round is my photo taken during my Baptism last March 20, 2011. One of the food we have during that day is cupcake and I super love the color of them and tempt me to eat. Since it's my day Mama let me eat some cup cake.


  1. Iris is really a cutie! Thanks for joining and hope to see you again...mwah!

  2. ahaha, now you're iris, green nose! cute! - Mirage


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