Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let me out of my Crib

Hello everyone! Mama Shengkay not able to submit my pink entry yesterday because blogger is down. And now we're ready to link up with you guys.
This photo was taken March 22, 2011 two days before I turn 6months old. Mama love taking photo of me, I think every mother does? Especially my Mama! Sometimes I get irritated you know. Maybe I'll get use to it in the long run.
 (photo above) this is my toy fishy. I love it when I shake this toy because it produces sound. It has some kind of beads inside it with different colors.
see my pink ball? how about my pink tambourine? hmmm..and my pink pillow case of course, which already been featured last Pink Friday.
 ..I want Mama to get me out of my crib.
Please Mama..get me out of here...please...


  1. Cute naman ng Crib ni Iris, that's right baby, tell Mama to get you outta there hehehe.. And oh, please tell Mama Sheng if she would consider removing the word verification your blog, Tita Rose is allergic to it lol.

    Pink, Pink, and more Pink, have a nice weekend!

  2. She's growing up so fast sis. My PF entry is up too! Thanks and see you around. And btw, join us at Messy Go Round . Thanks!

  3. little cutie with lots of pinkie stuff!

    See you at my In PINK with the Sakura entry. Thanks!


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