Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iris is Teething!

Wow! Iris is finally teething. At Seven months she started teething. Well so far she never gotten fever or whatsoever. She's very okay, no tantrums as I expected as a baby is teething. But my Auntie told me on second batch of teeth that's we're a baby experience those. My sister who babysit her is the one who notice it when they go walking at Lagoon last May 1 (2011).

I have read an article that most of the baby actually start teething at age 6months (meaning late na pala si Iris?) while some babies born with teeth already-which I think seldom happen. Also, diarrhea, cough and fever has nothing to do with the eruption of the teeth. Hmmm..(thinking) I don't think so. Anyway, I am happy because Iris is not experiencing that teething virus.

Congrats baby! :)

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