Saturday, May 7, 2011

Iris @ Six Months Two Days

Its Friday again, meaning Pink day hosted by my Tita Rubz of Pink Friday.
My Mama just love taking picture of me in whatever I do. In this photo I am only six months and 2 days according to Mama Shengkay. I am about to sleep in this photo. That Pink strawberry shortcake is my pillow case. Yeah, Mama loves pink! and I think me too. See the orange color? that is Mama taking me a photo.

By the why, Mama is so thrilled when I say "mmMamaa" just this morning. So very early in the morning cause I wake up 2am and I just play with my pillow and utter/hum "uhhmmm..uhhmmm.." I actually say "mMmaamaa" if mama is not around. Mama is working so we just saw each other in the morning and evening. Sometimes if Mama is permitted by her work she goes home at lunch. So, it's her first time to hear me utter "mmMamaa". I think that would be a great gift for her because tomorrow is Mother's day.
Advance Happy Mothers Day Tita's!


  1. I think her murmurs meant "Happy Mother's Day!" hehe! Here's my daughter's PF entry . Hope you can drop by her site and join Messy Go Round too. Thanks and see you around.

  2. hi cutie baby! sarap kagatin nito o1 :) so cutie cute!

    It's my first time joining PF and I have PINKS' hop at the Korean Memorial War Park entry. Hope to see you!

  3. she really have an expressive eyes. btw here's my entry for Pink Friday SAHM’s Online Diary

  4. she's so lovely...hmm, please tell to your mum happy mother's day from me, ok! take care sweetie..


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