Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iris Turns Eight Months Today!

Iris turns 8months today and I want to thank GOD because she is very healthy and a very behave baby. She gave me no headache. Happy birthday baby Aying!

It’s been 8 months that I am enjoying motherhood and I feel really bless for that at the same time kinda hard especially raising a baby alone. You know financially. There are really times that I am financially drain that even diaper of Iris I can’t buy unless I borrow money from my friend. But it’s okay during that moment that is the time I feel GODs grace to me and my baby. He really provides our needs. But you know despite all the hardship that I encounter as a mother at the end of the day I am still grateful that I am a mother.

Anyways, here the list of Iris can do at 8months and her milestones:

  •  She can utter mammaa and just babble anything she think like nanana..ummm..
  • She eats solid food. Rice, Soft veggies, fruits. She drinks plenty of water too! She can drink 175ml of water in one session.
  • She weighs now 8.1 kilo. But afraid that she loss weight because she is teething.
  • And yes she is teething. She had one teeth and the other one is ready to sprout.
  • She crawls fast; she can sit alone and stand alone holding in her bamboo crib.
  • She likes to go out.
  • She knows how to pa-cute to all of us.
Iris is really a darling to us that surrounds her and because of her my relationship to my stepfather and my other siblings is getting better. I am grateful that they love my daughter. Iris needs love and security aside from me because she only have me in her life.

Again, happy birthday Anak. Mama loves you so much! Mwah!

***photo taken just today. No fancy celebration just smooching..smooching..

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