Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iris With Henny

Hello everyone! This meme is just perfect for me because my Mama Shengkay just made my blog last week. I'll be one of the pioneering of Kids in Doodles because Tita Willa mommy of Kuya Patrick and Kuya Kendrick made this meme just last Monday.

Photo was chosen by my Mama Shengkay. With me here is my henny pillow. She is my favorate pillow. I love to suck and bite her....hmmm...what do you call that? beak? you know her mouth. I love her color too! I know some of the mommy saw this photo in my Mama Sheng's home already. But since Mama is chronicling my growing up she'll probably post my old photo's here.
For my reference when I grow up, this photo was taken January 23, 2011. I was almost 4 months old in this photo.



  1. Hi Baby :) How are you? Im your new follower :)

    Visiting from KID.. have a nice day :)

  2. Pareho silang cute ni henny! :)

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles#1

  3. hi sheng! ang cute ni Iris! thanks for the visit!

  4. Iris is growing up so fast. Keanna joined too but a little late. Here's my KID post . Thank you and see you around!

  5. Hi Iris, sorry hindi pa pala ikaw napafollow ni tita, anyway following na this blog and added you in my blogroll (working at home) Next time add din kita sa other blogs ko ok .. Stay sweet and happy always. Muaah.

  6. kasing haba nya na pillow. i love the pillow. where did you buy that?=)

    visiting via KID:

  7. hi there, cutie! always be a good girl, ha! para di mahirapan si mommy mo :)


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