Saturday, May 28, 2011

Messy Go Round: Donut Again!

I think if theres one food that I love to eat that is Donut. If you remember my first messy go round is I ate donut too. I even wear the same yellow tee.
..the only difference is that my first Messy go Round is I ate filled donut while in this photo I eat Munchins. We always had donut because my Wowa Auntie's husband-my tatay work for Dunkin Donut. He is a foreman in making donut (production). Don't ask me why foreman. Mama just read it in his ID. :)
..hmmm..yum! yum!
..and now I really look messy already. Time to shower and play with water!


  1. Thanks for joining again Iris. I think you have a sweet tooth like me, lol!

  2. mas malala nga sis, hahahaha! cute!

  3. hi sheng! thanks for the visit! aww she is sooo cute,.,, and so messy! hahaha.. don't forget your whites tomorrow ha? mwah!



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