Monday, May 23, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Okay before I share my mommy moments 2011, let me first inform you that my Mommy Moments home will be transferred here in my baby's blog. This blog as the title say's is all about my baby Iris and most of my MM entry is about her so I decided to make this blog a home for my MM entry.

So what's up with my Mothers day last May 8?..well, since my baby is 7months old only I decided that we go out. As tribute to my Auntie whose been very good to me and serve as my second mother I treat her for diner. We go out and I bring Iris at Arcade, with us my little sister Kiana. Iris enjoy the ride same as Kiana and my cousin. Actually I already post it here our mothers day celebration.

My sister made a card for me. Well its not really a card but I appreciate her effort (I actually ask her what is her gift to me-hehehe-and she made me a card. To those who don't knew my sister. Kiana is very dear to me because I am the one who raise her since she was just 3 years old and now she is 9 years old. I love my little sister as much as I love my daughter. Before my baby Iris came to my life Kiana is my baby first. Well, she is still my baby til now.
This is one of our photo last Mothers Day. I also bought Iris some books that day.
mommy moments


  1. Really sweet card made by your sister. I too share a special bond and closeness to my one and only sister who is 6 years my junior. Now we are both moms and our daughters are close and are like sisters too. :D

  2. that's lovely...your sister is so sweet, i never had one but i wish i have! anyway, iris made you a mom and its your first time being one, so belated happy mother's day! visiting late from MM, sorry and wishing you a great weekend! :)

  3. it is really great to have people around us who cares for us :)


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