Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration

Last May 8, Sunday Mama Sheng and I go on malling. With us is my Wowa Dory, Tita Nelsie and Auntie Kiana. Mama plan that we should go out on this day to celebrate her first mother's day. I am too baby to understand about mothers day. What I know is..this is my first arcade experience! I enjoy every ride though there are rides that I don't like.
Mama invited my Wowa to go with us as Mama's gift to her on Mother's day because Wowa is the one who is always with my Mama when she is pregnant to me. (Photo above) This is yacht ride I love this one. This is my first try.
Is this Optimus Prime?. I don't like him. :))

I love this one! The greeny huge!

With me is my Tita Nelsie and in red jacket is Mama's little sister Auntie Kiana.
Broom! Broom!
After our rides, we had Dinner at Mang Inasal. Mama Sheng just bought me hotdog. Yummy!

Mama is trying to get hotdog from my mouth because she's afraid I'd be choke. I bite more than I can chew. Hehehe.
Love hotdog!
And then we go to national bookstore to buy some books for me. Mama bought me two books. (photo above) I am trying to get the book from Mama. I love Mickey mouse and she is holding a book of mickey mouse.

That's how we celebrate Mother's day...hmmm..seems like it's Iris Joehanna's day. What do you think? lol
Have great week ahead! Mwah! thanks for the visit!
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  1. Cute naman! :-) Thanks for joining sis! See you next week!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Shengkay.

  3. love the ones in hotdog.. baka machoke? hhaha.. adorable. was here for GM.

  4. Ang galing kumain ng hotdog hehehe, you are a cutie Iris.

  5. ang galing naman kumain ni iris..

    Visiting from MYM, BM, GM and RT..

    Hope you can come and visit all of my posts. hehe

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  6. Oh it looks fun! Very entertaining place for the kids indeed. Hope to see you in my G Monday post here.

  7. i see the green dino! lol. looks like a wonderful mother's day celebration!

    I hope you can visit My Indoor Green entry. See yah!

  8. ang cute naman ng baby mo sis. sarap na sarap sa hotdog ah.:-)

  9. it must have been a colorful day=)

    visiting via COPS:

  10. looks like she is really enjoying your bonding moment. Thanks for sharing.


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