Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's the Meaning of Iris Joehanna?

Few of my blogger friends whose always in my main blog Shengkay's Journal for sure you already saw this collage and also what I am gonna write here about what's the meaning of my baby's name you knew already. Actually, I am writing again it here because of Iris. This blog is all about my baby and I want to put on record every details of her here so that when she grows up and I am not around anymore (who know's bida?) may sasagot sa tanong nya.
Iris is only 3days old and the other photo's she is less than a day old
What's the meaning of Iris Joehanna? Why I name her that?
When Iris happened to be a boy I'll name her Iris Joehann. Why so addicted to Iris and Joehann/Joehanna? Simple. It has a beautiful meaning. It reminds and connect her to his father.
According to baby's name online...
       Iris means Rainbow
      Johann/Johanna means GOD is gracious
I think that alone is reason enough why I have chosen that. Indeed Iris is always my rainbow-she colors my world and that GOD is gracious for giving me my rainbow, right? I maybe a single mom and Iris was abandon and not recognize by his father that doesn't make us less as a person.

Wondering why Iris JOEhanna? which suppose to be only Iris JOhanna?

I have mention above that it reminds and connect her to his father. Yup! Actually Iris name just so happen that it has a meaning of rainbow but aside from that I choose that name because when his father and I was together (I mean GF-BF) and in love (at least yun ang gusto kong paniwalaan no) he mention he wanted IRIS name because her mother's name is Irene and that's his tribute to her. Yeah, he love's her mother that much and I adore him more because of that...and why JOE not JO? simply because..his name is JOEner.

Thus, my baby girl's name is IRIS JOEHANNA..and in fairness ha..mas kamukha nya tatay nya. Of course I wish not! I mean sana hindi na lang..hahaha..mapagbiro talaga ang tadhana.

..oh well, as I always pray- I hope nak you grow up as a loving, respectful and forgiving person. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive your father same as I forgive him din.

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