Monday, May 2, 2011

Yummy Choco Donut

Photo Taken April 8, 2011
Choco donut that brought by my Tatay Sonny (He is actually my Wowa Dory's (hidden face) Husband). So yummy! that I almost ate the whole donut.
Yum! yum! My home is only 5days old can you add me in your baby/kid blogs? I'll add you here too. ;)


  1. haha! Messy but still a cutie! Thanks for joining and we hope to see you again next Saturday! =)

  2. awww...such beautiful round eyes! hihi ang cute kahit madumi :D -

  3. Hi baby Iris, I am kuya JJ. dropping by here. Please do drop by at my page too, and remind me to add you on my blogroll. here's my link,

  4. hahaha ang cute cute naman.

  5. Hhehe, alam mo Iris meron ganyan photos si ate Kyla eh maybe will post it also :) Cute ng eyes mo ah.

  6. lol, cute kahit na messy...she loves donut i can tell!


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