Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3rd Blogversary: A Blog and A Baby

Photo above is my consider family. The little one is my daugther and the little lady in pink is my sister Kiana. If my budget permit I see to it that I date out this two little ladies and have some fun. To be with them and seeing them happy makes me happy and fulfilled.
My sister Kiana was first my baby before Iris came to my life. Kiana was only 2 years old when I raise her. She's been with me for almost 7years now..and my life won't be complete without her.

My baby Iris will turn 9months this month. Same with my sister Kiana my life is incomplete without her. This two lovelies is my inspiration and motivation in life and having them makes me smile always. Being happy is when the 3 of us is together. Photo's will show that having each other makes us a happly family. Irfy photo was taken during Iris Baptism last March. Second photo is during our vacation in our grandmother. That was Iris first outing and her first in the beach. Photo below was taken last May during team building in my work. I tagged them along with me. That was Iris first pool experience and first time for my sister to visit Mambukal Nature's Resort She's freezing! it's raining and make's the environment colder.

Having them in my life makes me super happy Ate and Mommy..and that is my happy family.

This is my entry for Daddy Yashiro's Journal's 3rd Blogoversary Contest: A BLOG A BABY.Come and join there are lots of prizes to be won.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the sponsors! For the participants take time to visit them.

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  1. Very blessed little kids at may mapagmahal na ate at mommy!


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