Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colorful Stacking Toy

One of my favorite toys is this colorful stacking toy. Mama bought this last March when I am about to receive my baptism.

Toy Stories

I love this because sometimes I made this as my bangle and put it in my legs as anklet sometimes. I also love to lick this's color is so yummy! The bear riding in a car is Lotso from Toy story movie. Will feature some of my toy Toy Story character next time.
See my Anutie Kiana? sleeping? yeah! she's busy sleeping while I am busy playing. Hehehe.



  1. wow, nice and colorful stacking toy iris... this is ate Sasha visiting from TS!

    hope you can stop by also at:

    see yah, thanks!

  2. Because the toys are so colorful, it will sure make her busy for a long time!

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

  3. wow its so cute!! my son loves that toy when we has her age :D

    thanks for sharing your toy! ;)

  4. it will really keep your baby busy hihi

    visiting thru TS

  5. mommy sheng!!! super sorry sa late reply!!! wala akong ganyan sa little boy ko! will buy one for the new baby! soon! thanks for the visit! have a happy week ahead!


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