Thursday, June 2, 2011

KID: Alone in my Crib


Hello everyone! how was your day? me just fine. Yesterday Mama Shengkay and I go to my well baby clinic at Riveside for my catch up HIB immunization. I should have my HIB injection last May 10 but was postpone due to financial constraint and that time I had "apok-apok" its like a chicken pox but worse than chicken pox-seems like skin infection and it's gross to look at. The money intented for my HIB was use for my medicine.

Thank you Papa Jesus because finally I had my HIB injection and my "apok-apok" healed already. For now Mama is saving for my next HIB immunization which will be on July 6. the way I am joining Kuya Pat and Kuya Ken Kids in Doodles..hope you too can join KID. It's still open till tomorrow. Just click badge in the middle of my photo.


  1. Cute naman ng crib mo,sana huwag mo maubos kakakagaat :D

  2. i love the curly locks and the crib as well:)

    here's mine:


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