Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Hello! My first time to join Wednesday White. Actually Mommy join first 2 weeks of Tita Raya but now I am the one who will participate.

This photo was taken when I was almost 2months. Mama is just being Pasaway here. I am sleeping and she keep on taking us a photo. She said she just love me that much and she love taking my photo. Anyway, I am turning 9months old this month. Things I can do? aside from I eat plenty of solid food I babble a lot. I change my waking time routine. Before I use to wake up like I wake 4am. Mama sometime get mad because she want to sleep pa but I want to play! Maybe next month I'll change my sleeping behavior so mama can rest.


  1. awww so cute!! yes don't wake up too early kasi mama is not getting enough rest dahil sa kadaming meme sinasalihan! haha! kisses Iris! now i am nostalgic about having another baby! hmm :) heheh

    thanks for joining, see you next week!

  2. Hi Iris,

    You look so adorable while sleeping. Please let Mama sleep also, okay? Good girl!

  3. ganyan talga ang baby paiba iba ng sleeping pattern.. good thing for me, hindi ko na experience yan... hehehehe

    visiting you back and i follow you na.. hope you follow back sis ;)

  4. buti nalang graduate na ako.. :) after a year.. mawala na yan regular na yang sleep niya.. was here for PF.

  5. wow nice white and pink :D ehehehhehe thnks for the viist :D

  6. I missed having a baby in our home..Hmmm... mga big na amo kids. anyway, My GFC is back.. I don't know why wala sya kanina..pls follows sis.. followed u na.

  7. Hi Iris,

    Thank you so much for visiting my post. See you around. Be blessed.

    Ate Litlit

  8. Hi Iris,

    Thanks for a visit. I'll be following this blog too.

  9. you're getting bigger each day baby..

    Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope you can visit my shares: Tipid Wedding Gown and Barong , Wedding Accessories and Smile and Laugh. Thanks

  10. habang tulog na tulog ang baby, ang mommy ay busy sa cute..:-)

  11. precious moment!

    Late bloghopping for PF. would you mind peeking at my Pink Pixie? Thanks!

  12. oo nga naman baby Iris, don't wake up too early kasi antok pa si mommy nyan eh!..hehe..late visit for WW. hehe

  13. Sabi nila masama daw picture-an ang batang tulog but I find it cute and can't resist with my daughter, hahaha!

    Visiting via Pink Fridays. Hope you can do the same.

    Hello Patrick Star!

  14. hello sheng! sorry for my very delayed visit on WW. to think WW uli ngayon, hehe. busy ang beauty, di nga ako nakapag post ng OT mo. dami kong backlog. anyway, I love your pic. sarap nga i hug sila palagi while tulog, hehe.


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