Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toy Story for Toy Stories

Toy Stories

This is Iris share for this week Toy Stories. A Toy Story character. This was a sort of giveaway to us last December 2010 during our Christmas Party. Yeah, it's for our kids..For now Iris not really fond of this. She prefer to play with our kitten. The live kitten! Actually, among this- she always play with Lotso..the bear one in a yellow cart, the rest she don't mind. Iris love's to look for book and after she'll eat its pages..wahhhh!!!!


  1. nice toys... live kitten tlga sis ha, heheh..baka gusto nya barbie na heheh..

    visiting from TS!

    see yah!

  2. ei the real toy story casts ahahahah nice one! we also have those toys from SHELL:) nice nila d b? Tahnks for sharing!! ;)

  3. wow! those were my son's fave too!

    oh, be careful with the kitten, make sure it is already vaccinated before she plays with it ;)

  4. these are still not appropriate for iris' age sis. i think much better na itago mo muna until she's already ready for it.


  5. Heyyyy I saw that same toys at


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