Monday, July 11, 2011

Messy with Cloud 9!

Its been 3weeks I think that I haven't join MGR.. Mama Shengkay been busy with her wordpress blog..and now we're back! yehey! Joining Ate K messy go round.
Mama is giving me cloud 9. I know I should not eat chocolate because I am such a baby but Mama has to give up because I keep on crying cause I want to taste it! yummy!
We also had a messy background..see?..My Auntie will fix that later.
Now, I am fine..already taste it. 


  1. wow, lucky baby, eating chocolate already...:) visiting late from MGR, happy Tuesday!

  2. Haha! Just be sure to brush your teeth after eating baby Iris. Thanks for joining again!

  3. hi mommy sheng! thanks for dropping by sa blog ko. parang ganun na nga... i have 6 blogs now, yes, may nakapark and malapit nang ma-expire. nagagalaw ko naman lahat... pero di sabay2x, tapos meron pang GW, tapos meron pa si baby! arrruuuuyyy!!! nakikita ko na ang mga cellulites ko sa legs ko mommy sheng! hahahaha!

    by the way, ilagay ko to sa blogroll ko sa kids' blog ko ha. it's

    thanks mommy sheng and have a great weekend!


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