Monday, August 1, 2011

Iris Chronicles August

I been neglected this blog for quite sometime and I am guilty. It is suppose to be chronicling Iris my daughter milestone but not able to do so. With my current 5 blogs and working mom at the same time, updating my blogs been pain in my neck. Joke! of course I love blogging! It's just that can't find perfect timing to blog. I can only update 2-3 blogs everyday..

So my plan for this August is to launch Project 30days Iris. This project is to take Iris a photo everyday and post it the next day (Hope I manage to really update it daily) if not, I'll do it on weekend. I'll post the photo I took the the whole week on weekend. Yay!

Iris will turn 1year old next month..hopefully if I succeed on this project I plan, will continue to take her a photo everyday until her 1st birthday.

So that's it! Have a nice day and fruitful August to everyone!

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