Monday, October 17, 2011

Doodling with Colorful Ball

Good morning!'s very early in the morning! I recall that I promise Mommy Jes to join Toy Stories and I am here! Kids in Doodle is also coming same with green Monday. Yay! hitting 3birds in one stone..Tama ba?..hahaha..

Anyway, My share is Iris 2 ball, I can't recall when was I bought this. Iris was only 5months and 4days old as indicated in this photo. Now Iris is 1year old and the ball is still alive! now that she has more control of her action she played a lot with it now. In fact when she is bathing she bring this ball with her. Oh I remember the color green ball is still in the bathroom.
Link this post to Toy Stories hosted by Mommy Jes, Green Monday hosted by Mommy Ria and Kids in Doodle by Kuya Jared's Mum

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. hehehhe..cute namn ng mga syempre si baby cute;)

    thanks for dropping at my colorful ballooons..see you next week again;)

  2. Beautiful portraits, full of feeling, tenderness, hope and joy.

  3. oh shes adorable!! ang bilis ng panahon laki n nya dyan :)
    Hello IRIS can TITA JES BOrrwo your ball? :) hihihhi

    Thanks for sharing your toy :)

  4. Such a cute baby! I remember my kids also had the same balls and yes, they played with them in the bathroom, too!
    visiting you back for GM! :)

  5. and mommy! xlinks nmn tayo! got your link. here's mine: http:??

  6. Oh Iris is so cute. Love those pictures.

    Green Monday

  7. Beautiful photos! She is just adorable!

  8. don't we all love balls? they are just the most fun! i have balls in different sizes + i really enjoy playing with them :)

    thanks for joining Kids In Doodles this week, join us again next time, ayt? :P ~ Jared

  9. my boys love balls too. good thing iris balls lasted for months, ours don't even last weeks, hehe. nice digiscrap, Sheng!

  10. one curious baby, looks she's enjoying with her new ball, Thanks for joining again sis, see you again on monday.


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