Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party No More

Last month I plan Iris to join trick or treat fun with my little sister Kiana not only that I wanted her to experience the fun but also me to experience it. Believe me! I'm already 30years old but I never had a chance to attend such event. Poor me! LOL. We already had a custome for her(see her header photo in brown fairy?) That's what I want her to wear during the party. That fairy custome was given by her godmother to her last August when they visit Bacolod.
..but later this month I decided not to attend halloween party anymore. Aside from I don't have budget to buy Kiana's custome, Iris is not feeling well for almost 3days already. Also, I thought that Iris could not enjoy it much because she's only a year and a month old. I want her to experience it when she knows how to really interact with other kids, I was also thinking that she might get scared of other kids in horror custome. Maybe next year when Iris is 2years old we'll join this fun.

Happy Halloween! 

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