Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, Remote Control?

Isn't she cute? my baby is cute! oh please don't disagree..or else..hehehe..

This photo as stated on the picture was April 18 just this year 2011 Iris is almost 7months here. She just woke up when I took this photo. We had television before in my room that is why she has the remote control. During that time anything she hold she put it in her mouth, out of curiosity of course, which of course normal to any baby at this age. She also imagine that it is a cellphone and that we're calling her grandma (my mother) :P. Now that she's a year old she don't eat it she just throw it. (LOL)

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  1. yes so cute! i dare not disagree, hahaha. 'coz she is truly cute!

    thanks for visiting, sis! will join orange tuesday, gotta find that orange pic first haha!

  2. wahahahahh HELLO remote!!! ahhahaha cute ng baby mo sis! i agree! ;0

  3. i don't think anyone would disagree! she is indeed a cutie! :)

    don't you just love the remote!? i still do, play with it + pretend it's a phone + that i was talking to my dad over it...maybe i can call you some time :D ~ Jared

    thanks for joining + do join us again next week..happy sunday! :)


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