Saturday, October 15, 2011

Iris Fave Stuff Toy

Hello everyone! happy weekend! me and my lovelies are going to met some of my college friends with thier kids after this post. We're celebrating Masskara here in Bacolod that is why were having some fun and bonding with friends.
Anyway, I am joining 3 memes today and my entry is of course Iris and her favorate stuff toy. We name this stuff Henny obviuosly because it is a hen :P. I think I already feature henny here, I am just lazy to look for that post :P . I bought this last January 23, 2011 and the two instantly fell in love. They are inseparable during nap and sleeping time. She would always hug Henny during bed time. Iris love biting Henny's beak (seems nanggigil sya dito).My cute little angel is only 3months and 30days in this photo and now Iris is 1year old. Henny kinda old already but still my baby love's her.


  1. her laugh is too contagious:)

  2. i had other entry posted here too:) checked out if u have time:)

  3. was here for PF my share is here

  4. Ganda ganda ni Iris Sheng. Thanks for joining.

  5. Sweet baby:) Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me if you have not done yet:)

  6. captivating smiles;)
    thanks for dropping by. see you again next PF!

  7. Lovely smiles from Iris...made me smile too. Visiting from PF, hope you can also check out my entry:

  8. your baby is having fun with Henny and they look adorable together :-) visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back

  9. such a cutie. she surely loves that toy.

    thanks for visiting and i do hope you can spare some time to leave a comment on our post;


  10. oh cutie nakakagigil ang smile nya :D my daughter's blog is luma na it was three years ago that was the time n nag aaral p ata si CHIE :) and ISHI's blog is her MODEL ehehheh :) Im sure mas magnda n ngayun gwa ni chie :)

    Thanks for the visit! would love to visit and join orange meme soon! hope you can yjoin toy stories soon dn :)

  11. looks like she really love Henny! She's always happy with it beside her.
    visiting back for CW!

  12. you can tell from Iris' eyes how happy she is ! kakatuwa talaga yung mata nya :)

    visiting you back from Pink Friday.

    see you around ! ;)

  13. haha, cute ni iris at ni henny. love eyes!

  14. What a cutiepie! LOve her eyes! :)

    Late visit for PF! Hope you don't mind.... :)
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  15. hahaha... so cute!

    here for PF... please check out my entry...

    Planning for Bella's First  Birthday



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