Monday, October 10, 2011

Iris in Red

Hello! Hello! Hello! It's a very good Monday in my end of the world. I want to start it off with smile and a bang with my baby Iris in her red Sando. Iris look like a boy here :) This was taken last march 11, 2011 she was 5months and 15days old. I took this photo when I arrive from work (lunch time) it's my routine to take her photo with me or without me. I just love taking her a photo.
Anyway, since I neglected this blog for almost 2months expect old photos from Iris. After all this blog is all about her.

For Iris milestones, 2days after she turn 1year old last Sept. 24 (2011) she was able to walk alone without our assistance. She also has 6teeth now and another 2 is visibly coming out. I am thankful because she has no fever or cough while teething though she has sipon. Oh, I love her appetite! she's not choosy when it comes to food, anything you gave to her she ate it! Very good Anak!..She's a babbler now I must say though we don't understand what she's saying but with her matching action we can relate to her. She has this routine that everytime we change her diaper she want herself to throw her use diaper to trash can, she would cry if we are the one to dispose her diaper. That's good baby! keep it up!


  1. pretty baby Iris! red color suits her

    visiting from Red Hot Monday!

  2. She's supercute! I love her eyes! By the way, I'm a new follower.

  3. Super cutenessss! I miss those milestones kasi malalaki na babies ko ;-)

    Pirates and Indians

  4. cute ng baby at syempre ng nanay, here is my entry fot orange tuesday

  5. Gorgeous, both of you!

    Please come and see my Ruby Tuesday, your prayer would be so much appreciated!

  6. cute baby;) visiting from OT..see yah!

  7. Good job, Iris! You'll be a very good mommy's little helper someday! Keep it up!

  8. cutie baby sis..:)

    Visiting from OT. Here's mine Postcard Like Sunset ,New Convertible and Demitasse Cups. Have a Nice Day!

  9. hi,

    cute baby..nice to have baby girls diba?it easier to dress them up...
    regards to Iris!

    visiting for Red Hot Mondays #10

    Icar (

  10. dropping by from RHM te sheng..thanks for visitng me there too!


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