Monday, October 24, 2011

My Joy and Happiness

Today is Iris 13th month in this crazy yet beautiful world. More than that, it is an amazing journey of motherhood for me. Ups and downs and all..thank GOD because I was able to survive it all! Looking back, worse that I experience as a mom was when Iris has this kind of skin desease/allergy of sort. It was really heart breaking to see her in that situation. Aside from that also financially draining becuase her medicine is very expensive. I remember I tried to ask help from his father but as expected to no avail. Anyway, those we're just water under the bridge. Me and my baby is now fine.

Photo below are my faves in my 13month of motherhood.
Photo above is taken when Iris is just 1-15days old. Very memorable. First glance. First touch. First photo opps of course. 
Oct. 2010-Preparing Iris to sleep. Nov.2010-One boring afternoon and mama has nothing to do :P. Dec.2010-First Christmas day photo. Photo opp before we visit my step dad. Jan.2011-I put her bib because she drools a lot during that time.
Feb.2011-One fine day (12noon) photo opps before I go to work. March 2011- after Ash Wednesday mass. April 2011-First beach escapade of Iris (Black Saturday_ It was Iris first long trip also at age 7months. May 2011-Mothers day date, it was that time also that I hear Iris say Mama. What a gift on mothers day!
June, July, and August 2011- Bonding moments at home!
Sept. 24-Iris big day! her First birthday! Thanks to all my friends and Iris godparents who help me in celebrating Iris bday! as in thank you!
and today...
Happy Lucky 13th month Birthday Baby! Love you very much! mwah!


  1. what father could turn his head on such a pretty little darling.anyways, iris have you. it is all that matters.

    belated happy birthday.

  2. what father could turn his head on such a pretty little darling.anyways, iris have you. it is all that matters.

    belated happy birthday.

  3. What a journey it has been, right,
    Sheng? And the journey is only beginning. More and more happiness for you and baby Iris for many, many, many years to come!

  4. great pictutres Sheng.. happy colorful weekend;)

    mine is up..see yah!

  5. I love your collages !

    Just lovely!!

    You are invited to taste some of the yummy yellow at my page. Have a great week!

  6. She's very cute! :) I'm very proud of you that you've passed those trials.. Brace yourself for more! :)

    Visiting you from OT.
    Who So Hot Pau?

  7. Great photos! good job on keeping those memorable times for her to look back to when she grows up.
    visiting for CW and KID!

  8. yes, what's important is that it's you and iris against the world :)

    visiting you for OT. here's my share: PEE WEE FOOTBALL GAME

    hope you can visit! see you around :)

  9. Parang kelan lang no... bilis lumaki ng baby

  10. very beautiful daughter. bilis nilang lumaki at mag-change nu? Visiting you sis from WW. Come and visit my WW too.

  11. Life is tough but GOD is with you all the time.

    Visiting from MYM! Hope you can visit me too if you have not done yet..

  12. you are such a wonderful sis to have raised a child alone. a mother like no other..thumbs up to you and Happy Birthday to baby Iris. wish her good health and wish she'll grow into a bubbly and smart kid

  13. Nothing compares to the joy of being a mother. Your daughter is a blessing to you and your family...

    Here for WW... Hope you can visit my entry...


  14. what precious memories! you did so well with the collage, sheng. Your baby is such a cutie!!

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites! Visiting as a host and as a participant from:

  15. wow!happy 13th month to little Iris! way to go...

    i love the photo collage sis, it is very colorful + very detailed. a nifty idea! i should've thought of this before, now am having a hard time figuring which photos are dated when + i have 2 years + 2 months worth of baby photos to sort through! whew!

    thanks for joining KID, do join us again next week :D

  16. Hi tita, you look alike! pretty po!

  17. It is true they really grow everyday and time flies so fast...Happy WW! Mine is up.

  18. It's nice that you were able to capture all those beautiful moments with your lovely daughter. It's priceless!

    Visiting u from Color Connection.

  19. She grew up so fast, doesn't she Mommy? Take a lot of pictures :-) Dropping some love for WW. I hope that you can drop some love in return

  20. having our children is truly a blessing. thanks for sharing sis and hope to see you again on green monday.


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