Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sporty Baby

One of the things I miss when I was schooling was joining extracurricular activities especially sports. I was once a shy and no confident student. Well, I'm still a bit shy now but once in a while I take bolder risk especially when my being a mother is at stake. I'll do anything I could for the best interest of my daughter Iris- after all she only had me in her life.

I believe encouraging our kids to be active in sports is one way of helping them boost thier confident and be friendly. Aside from that we also help them to be healthy. That is why at early age I am exposing Iris on different games that is related to sports like ball games. I bought her ball and my sister Kiana a badminton set for them to play on. Hopefully my sister Kiana will be chosen to play for Badminton in there school but Kiana's first choice of game was football but thier school is only accepting boys. For now, i'll try to search for a promotional coupons and discount vouchers for my sister for her needed sports stuff if she is choosen. As for my baby Iris will just play throw and catch a ball for now.

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