Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stripey Orange-y Get Up

Last night Iris has fever and of course the Mama Shengkay is worried and all. I was thinking of briging her to the hospital because she's so hot (body temp. 39). Good thing she keep on asking for water and her milk sad part is after I fed her with her milk she'll vomit.. huhuhu.. 12midnight till 7am I haven't give her milk..only water. I give her paracetamol every 4hours and put cold bimpo in her armpit and forehead so that she'll cool down her body temp. I think she fevered becuase of teething virus. Anyway, she feels better now. Thanks God!

..and of course I was not able to sleep well for the rest of the night and I am so sleepy right now.

Anyway, I'm posting Iris photo which was taken when she was 9months and as always I love my baby's eyes..I remember she was not also feeling well in this photo. She actually had runny nose here but still look lovely (wink!).

Link this post to Orange Tuesdays which I hosted in my Randomness blog. Hope to see you there! :)


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