Saturday, October 22, 2011

Working Baby

Last night after an hour that Iris slept she wakes up and cry. I thought she was crying because my little sister Kiana was beside her. So I wake up Kiana so that she'll transfer to her bed. Still Iris was crying. Maybe she want me to sleep with her so I sleep with her. Still Iris was crying. I ask her if she want to yum yum (meaning she'll drink her milk) her action tells me that no mama I wont drink milk and keep on crying. So I thought she want me to carry her..but still to no avail..she still cry...okay..I keep on thinking what she want so she'll stop crying..ohh..maybe she want her hotdog pillow. nah! she won't accept it! she throw it. okay, so now I understand what she want. As I look in our bed I observe that her fave stuff is not around. I remember Henny. I put Iris on bed even she is crying and get henny her fave stuff in our living room and give it to her. Gotcha! she stop crying after I hand her her Henny. tsk! tsk! tsk! she want Henny beside her. hahaha.
click image for larger view
Anyway, this photo is not related to any of the story I have mention above. I just love this photo when I bring Iris in my workplace. When I am not so busy in my work I tag her with me. She would just sit there (jny my co-worker's chair )and keep on doodling in keyboard. When she's done with it she'll get the ballpen and doodle with it.

Pink dress she is wearing is from Mommy Lo's  pretty daughter Dindin. Thank you Mommy! you might want to visit Din's Fashion blog. Since it's pink, of course its perfect for Pink Friday and Pink Saturday meme.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love your story and pictures too. So glad Iris finally went back to sleep!

  2. Sometimes it is hard knowing what the little ones are unhappy about. They have a hard time getting their message across. Thank goodness, nothing was wrong with her.

  3. blogger in the making!

    visiting for PF#93...

  4. awww is she a pianist in the future Mommy? visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  5. ayee, cute blogger. :) kids that age are body linguist at si Henry her fave stuff lang pala ang kulang. glad she got calm and went back to sleep. Come and see my PF entry too sis.


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