Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bath Time, Crying Time

Iris is almost 3 months in this photo. I remember every bath time-even in the hospital every morning when nurses bath them she really cry to death! as in! as if someone is butchering her LOL. Photo below is a usual bath time for us. Bath time is crying time. She will just stop crying after bath.
I have to blame myself why also :P I bath her with water directly from faucet. I mean, without hot water on it. Actually I do it so that masanay sya. Nurses in the hospital bath the babies directly from the faucet. I believe its refreshing to shower with cold water hehehe. 

When Iris stop crying every shower? January 2011, She's 3months at that time. I remember it so well! I think its her new years resolution not to cry every shower time LOL or maybe she's tired of crying every bath time, la rin naman syang magaga eh! Hahaha. Now, she loves water! I think, in general kids loves water. Sometimes she'll go wild if  patapos na ang ligo. Waaahh! ayaw umalis ng tubig.

Someday 'nak you'll read this, I am sure you'll smile in this photo.

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