Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun Land is Under Renovation + Koala Bear

Last September 17, Me and Iris visit Lopue's East Center to play at Fun Land. That will be her first time to play at kiddie fun land. You know- play house, colorful balls, slides and all. Unfortunately, fun land was under renovation. Yay! wrong timing. What we do is watch other kids play at kiddie motorbike. Iris is not yet allowed to ride on that bike since she is less than a year old.  I just bought Iris hotdog and some drink while watching other kids play.

After eating, we do window shoppe at kids/children department. While I was busy looking for kids dresses Iris is also busy (see photo below). I think she was curious of that walker accessories, the musical stuff, the the animals that is tag on that walker- oh by the way, Iris haven't experience walker! yup! It was expensive for me and I don't have budget to buy her one :( ..so seeing one for the first time made her so curious about it.
Aside from walker what catches her attention is this..hmmm..what do you call that? sort of sobrero? when use it will cover the entire head down to neck leaving kids face expose..Hindi ko alam ang tamang term  with that hat. Basta ganun! hehehe. We also shoppe at Toys Dept. I let her roam around the area while I was busy looking for some toys. I plan to buy her a bigger shape sorter toy. I was fond looking at angry bird flush toys when Iris join me. She first grab the spongebob stuff when Koala bear catch her attention. After seeing Koala bear she won't let go of it. I was trying to convince her that instead of Koala we will just bought the Teddy Bear (I have sort of bear stuff collection) but she insist of Koala. Siempre si Iris nasunod kasi iiyakan ka! :P At hindi nya na ito binitawan. See her below with Koala bear. Till we go home bitbit nya lang ito.
Going dowstair with huge Christmas tree display at Lopue's still holding Koala.

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  1. Looks like she really love the stuff toy or the hat ^_^

    Orange Sky

  2. Busy busy ang mag mommy ah .. Yey, my new toy si baby irish ;)

  3. Its really fun spending time with kids sometimes. Shopping with kids is not an easy task, as its difficult to manage them. But in your case it looks like your kid enjoys shopping too instead bothering you. And she is so cute and adorable.

  4. i know how it feels, i sometimes do that trick on my mum, too, whenever i find something nice that i'd love her to get for me! ehehe! but most of the time, she can divert my attention elsewhere until i forget all about the toy, but most of the time mum will buy me what i liked :)

    i never used a walker in my life, too. mum said she will just support me while i learn how to walk, which she did + i guess it is as effective :)

    thanks for joining us this week, looking forward to reading your entry for next week! cheers! ~ jared


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