Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wine Please!

Hello! hope everyone's halloween is a party! party!..me and my lovelies just stay at home because Iris is not feeling well maybe the three of us will experience halloween party next year :P

Okay. Photo above was taken last year when Iris was just 2months and a half, my sister Kiana is very fond of Iris and she always play with her and make fun of the little one. Iris is so small pa this time that she has no control of whatever her Aunt wants to do with her just like photo above. Now Iris is a year old and has more control of herself, sometimes she would fight and shout with Kiana if she doesn't like what Kiana is doing to her..siempre naglalambing lang naman si Kiana but Iris find it irritating especially if Kiana keep on smooching her. ..and me?..of course I find them cute when they get along well..and irritates me sometimes when they fight..mga bata talaga.

Anyway, that empty wine bottle (Arbor Mist I think) was a gift from our customer. I never tasted it actually becuase the time that this was given to me I was pregnant with Iris.

Link this post to Kids in Doodles hosted by Jared's Mum.


  1. sooo cute! you + your tita sure is having loads of fun, always, iris! :D

    that wine bottle is perfect to fill with stars, mum has one at home, too, although i am not sure if the bottle she used originally has wine in it :)

    thanks for joining! ~ Jared

  2. it's always great to see kids getting along. iris is so lucky she has a tita who loves her tremendously. I often say that my first niece is my firstborn because that's how i feel about her. she's like my panganay since she was born even before i had kids. i bet it will be the same way with iris and your sister.


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