Friday, December 9, 2011

Lighting Toys

Thanks google! finally my baby blog is live again! Last week was horrible for me (OA lang) hehehe..losing my access to my blog was something I don't expect-just imagine all of a sudden your 3blogs was being remove/deleted without any notice. Heeelleerrr di ba?..

Anyway, during that period of time (around 10days of not blogging) my college friend arrive from Manila and we had sort of reunion not just the two of us but also with some close friends from college. It was fun to be with people you've never seen for a long time plus our kids especially my baby Iris is having so much fun seeing colorful lights at gov center. Anyway, I'll just make a post about our reunion in my main blog when I finally migrated it to WP.

I would just like to share some of Iris photo during our night picnik get together. While most of us is busy eating ang chatting Iris is also busy following the vendor of this toys. I think she's very curious of that stuff that keeps on lighting. Nope, there's no indication that she want me to buy it maybe because she had no idea yet of "I want it buy me that". She is silent looking at those dispaly toys I think she's just wondering and mesmerize? with different colors of that stuff. To fill her curiousity I bought her one.

My share to Kids in Doodle and Toy Stories


  1. gustong gusto din yan ni sasha nun bata pa hehehe....

    visiting from TS!

  2. here again for Kids in Doodles :)

  3. kids like to play with light saver and noise maker toys.But after they played with it for a day or two they lost interest and wants another toy again.

  4. lighting toys are the most colorful toys of all + i bet you had loads of fun trying some of them!

    thanks for joining K.I.D this week + I look forward to reading your next entry. am also too relieved to find out that your mum's blogs are up + running again! have a great weekend! ^_^ ~ Jared

  5. Hi Baby Iris! I am missing you very much at Colorful Weekend! Join ka sana with your mommy ulit. :)

  6. My son also doesn't know the concept of buying things yet. But he sure knows how to say "Mommy, I want that!" :)

  7. Ang saya naman ng get together Sheng, ang laki na ni Iris. Oiiist sali ka dun sa giveaway, sayang naman kasi, tsaka madami ka namang kakilala sa FB at blogger na pwede bomoto sayo.. Until Dec pa ang end nung giveaway so you still have a more than aweek.. Sige na sali na hehehe..


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