Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello! Hello! I am joning again Kids in Doodles. It's been awhile since I last participated on this meme. Glad Mama Shengkay had time now to make an entry.
This photo was taken March 14, 2011 10 days before I turn 6months.
Just goofing to make Mama Shengkay smile and happy.
Have a nice day everyone and thanks for dropping some love!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Messy with Cloud 9!

Its been 3weeks I think that I haven't join MGR.. Mama Shengkay been busy with her wordpress blog..and now we're back! yehey! Joining Ate K messy go round.
Mama is giving me cloud 9. I know I should not eat chocolate because I am such a baby but Mama has to give up because I keep on crying cause I want to taste it! yummy!
We also had a messy background..see?..My Auntie will fix that later.
Now, I am fine..already taste it. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Combo Nail Polish

Oh I love my nail! but not Mama Shengkay. My Auntie Kiana (little sister of mama) is doing her Kikay stuff..of course Mama is not happy with what she's done with her nails because she is only 9 years old. Much more that she's not happy that they color my nails too!..look at my nails..with combo nail polish..Left is color Pink..and my right hand is blue! Isn't it cute?..

Happy Pinks everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

KIDS: Sleepy and Books

It's been two weeks I think that Mama and I haven't join this KIDS. Mama is busy with her 2 wordpress blog Shengkayful..Life is Beautiful  and Postcard Lover, you might want to visit her blog and follow her. We will be happy if you do that.

Anyway, back to Kids in Doodle this photo was taken last Month June. I was having fun time browsing my books and feel sleepy afterwards. Mama bought this book when she receive incentive from her work. My favorite book is the one with lots of puppy and cats on it.
Saw orange fish? That's clownfish! that is also a book, though it has bright color I don't really like it. I think it's perfect for mama's Orange Tuesdays.

Plants VS Zombies Plush Toys Giveaway

My Auntie Kiana love's Plant vs Zombies much! I am sure she'll be overwhelm if mama and I give this to her. To make my Auntie happy we join this Plants vs Zombies of SAHM Collections giveway. For more detail of this contest visit it HERE. SAHM collections will also be glad if you visit her other collections Reviewers Haven, Bulinggit Corner, and Blogging from Home.

You will like the prizes that's for sure! so join us now.. :P