Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CW: World of Fun

This photo was taken May 28 during one of my bonding activity with my Mama Shengkay and Auntie Kiana. This my first ride alone at World of Fun..
Liniking this to Colorful Weekend of Tita May and Color Connection of Ate Rylie.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Iris Chronicles August

I been neglected this blog for quite sometime and I am guilty. It is suppose to be chronicling Iris my daughter milestone but not able to do so. With my current 5 blogs and working mom at the same time, updating my blogs been pain in my neck. Joke! of course I love blogging! It's just that can't find perfect timing to blog. I can only update 2-3 blogs everyday..

So my plan for this August is to launch Project 30days Iris. This project is to take Iris a photo everyday and post it the next day (Hope I manage to really update it daily) if not, I'll do it on weekend. I'll post the photo I took the the whole week on weekend. Yay!

Iris will turn 1year old next month..hopefully if I succeed on this project I plan, will continue to take her a photo everyday until her 1st birthday.

So that's it! Have a nice day and fruitful August to everyone!