Thursday, November 24, 2011

V-Day Photo

Hello! another Thursday once again..meaning time to be nostalgic. Hehehe. Time for me to show off the cuteness of my baby Iris. This photo was actually taken February 14, 2011. First Vday of Iris. What we do last Feb.14?..hmmm..I think we just stay in the house. Iris was almost 5months in this photo. She just wake up in this photo actually, isn't it obvious?
Anyway, I super love this digiscrap collage from I am addicted to online collage that everytime I post a photo specially here in my baby blog, I see to it that it's in collage. Cute noh?.. but of course my baby is cuter than the collage..hehehe.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Lover Bear

Last October I made post about this pink bear and now I am featuring her again together with his lover blue bear. I bought them Php99 each at SM City Bacolod. Iris is fond of this 2 bear but of course she love her henny more.
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Benefit from Tomato

Thanks GOD it's Friday! Come weekend- more bonding with my baby Iris. When I am not busy at work (Saturday) I tag her with me so that she'll see other people than us (my sister and mother) in the house.

My daughter Iris is not picky when it comes to food. She ate anything you give her. Fruits, vegetables, fish and she is a sweet tooth person. Well, most of our kids are sweet tooth, right?. even me is a sweet tooth person. She actually love nips.. When you are going to give her biscuit and nips she'll surely choose nips! and she also love dutchmill drink. Good thing during meal time she ate rice and any viand you give her.

I have mention in my main blog that we already had Sari-sari Store and we also sell tomato, onions and garlic...and look what happen when no one is paying attention to her. She mess up with tomato display and bite/eat them! Buti na lang nakita ko..and find her cute seeing her bite those tomato! so grab my cam and click! click! LOL. When I try to take away all the tomatoes she'd cry! so there I give her one.

What are the benefit we can get from Tomatoes?

Do you know that tomato is actually fruit not vegetable.? Yes, you heard me right. It belong to nightshade family of plants such as pepper, potatoes, and eggplants. Tomato is rich in Lycopene. Lycopene is very vital anti-oxidant which help fight against cancerous cell formation and other health diseases. It is also rich in Vitamin C if eaten fresh. Aside from anti-oxidant, lycopene has been scientifically proven to help protect skin from sun damage because it nuetralize the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The more you eat tomato your sunburn protection will increase by 33%.

If your a beach whore person eat more tomato now! :)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's the Meaning of Iris Joehanna?

Few of my blogger friends whose always in my main blog Shengkay's Journal for sure you already saw this collage and also what I am gonna write here about what's the meaning of my baby's name you knew already. Actually, I am writing again it here because of Iris. This blog is all about my baby and I want to put on record every details of her here so that when she grows up and I am not around anymore (who know's bida?) may sasagot sa tanong nya.
Iris is only 3days old and the other photo's she is less than a day old
What's the meaning of Iris Joehanna? Why I name her that?
When Iris happened to be a boy I'll name her Iris Joehann. Why so addicted to Iris and Joehann/Joehanna? Simple. It has a beautiful meaning. It reminds and connect her to his father.
According to baby's name online...
       Iris means Rainbow
      Johann/Johanna means GOD is gracious
I think that alone is reason enough why I have chosen that. Indeed Iris is always my rainbow-she colors my world and that GOD is gracious for giving me my rainbow, right? I maybe a single mom and Iris was abandon and not recognize by his father that doesn't make us less as a person.

Wondering why Iris JOEhanna? which suppose to be only Iris JOhanna?

I have mention above that it reminds and connect her to his father. Yup! Actually Iris name just so happen that it has a meaning of rainbow but aside from that I choose that name because when his father and I was together (I mean GF-BF) and in love (at least yun ang gusto kong paniwalaan no) he mention he wanted IRIS name because her mother's name is Irene and that's his tribute to her. Yeah, he love's her mother that much and I adore him more because of that...and why JOE not JO? simply because..his name is JOEner.

Thus, my baby girl's name is IRIS JOEHANNA..and in fairness ha..mas kamukha nya tatay nya. Of course I wish not! I mean sana hindi na lang..hahaha..mapagbiro talaga ang tadhana.

..oh well, as I always pray- I hope nak you grow up as a loving, respectful and forgiving person. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive your father same as I forgive him din.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

16days Old Baby Iris

Another photos of Iris. She was only 16days old in this photo. This picture if I am not mistaken is taken after we arrive from her immunization.

I just love taking Iris a photo. I want her to see how beautiful she is when she was this very young. Time flies really fast no?..seems only yesterday when she's this young. Love you Baby Aying!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bath Time, Crying Time

Iris is almost 3 months in this photo. I remember every bath time-even in the hospital every morning when nurses bath them she really cry to death! as in! as if someone is butchering her LOL. Photo below is a usual bath time for us. Bath time is crying time. She will just stop crying after bath.
I have to blame myself why also :P I bath her with water directly from faucet. I mean, without hot water on it. Actually I do it so that masanay sya. Nurses in the hospital bath the babies directly from the faucet. I believe its refreshing to shower with cold water hehehe. 

When Iris stop crying every shower? January 2011, She's 3months at that time. I remember it so well! I think its her new years resolution not to cry every shower time LOL or maybe she's tired of crying every bath time, la rin naman syang magaga eh! Hahaha. Now, she loves water! I think, in general kids loves water. Sometimes she'll go wild if  patapos na ang ligo. Waaahh! ayaw umalis ng tubig.

Someday 'nak you'll read this, I am sure you'll smile in this photo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Georyl's Christmas Giveaway

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun Land is Under Renovation + Koala Bear

Last September 17, Me and Iris visit Lopue's East Center to play at Fun Land. That will be her first time to play at kiddie fun land. You know- play house, colorful balls, slides and all. Unfortunately, fun land was under renovation. Yay! wrong timing. What we do is watch other kids play at kiddie motorbike. Iris is not yet allowed to ride on that bike since she is less than a year old.  I just bought Iris hotdog and some drink while watching other kids play.

After eating, we do window shoppe at kids/children department. While I was busy looking for kids dresses Iris is also busy (see photo below). I think she was curious of that walker accessories, the musical stuff, the the animals that is tag on that walker- oh by the way, Iris haven't experience walker! yup! It was expensive for me and I don't have budget to buy her one :( seeing one for the first time made her so curious about it.
Aside from walker what catches her attention is this..hmmm..what do you call that? sort of sobrero? when use it will cover the entire head down to neck leaving kids face expose..Hindi ko alam ang tamang term  with that hat. Basta ganun! hehehe. We also shoppe at Toys Dept. I let her roam around the area while I was busy looking for some toys. I plan to buy her a bigger shape sorter toy. I was fond looking at angry bird flush toys when Iris join me. She first grab the spongebob stuff when Koala bear catch her attention. After seeing Koala bear she won't let go of it. I was trying to convince her that instead of Koala we will just bought the Teddy Bear (I have sort of bear stuff collection) but she insist of Koala. Siempre si Iris nasunod kasi iiyakan ka! :P At hindi nya na ito binitawan. See her below with Koala bear. Till we go home bitbit nya lang ito.
Going dowstair with huge Christmas tree display at Lopue's still holding Koala.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainbow in my Heart

Just another collage I made from Iris is almost 2weeks in this photo. Isn't she cute? :P
Forever my Rainbow! mwah!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flower Book

Hello! It's Saturday again!..another fun time for kids since there is no classes. So, whats your plan this weekend? Me?..honestly I don't know. For sure will just stay in the house. Hmm..I'm actually planning of going to Fun Land at Lopue's East, of course with Iris and my Sister Kiana. Lets see if this plan will realize tomorrow.
Anyway, I am sharing today Iris photo taken May 18 just this year, one of her "alone time" in her bamboo crib. We just give her her toys and books so that while she is busy playing and browsing her flower book we can do our household chores. Iris is is almost 8months in this photo.
..of course before I do my work I took some photos of what she is doing. (click image for a larger view). I don't remember when I bought this flower book. I just thought this will entertain Iris and at the same time she'll be familiar with the flowers so I decided to buy this.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Auntie Kiana and Me

Today is Nov.2..hmmm..I was thinking who among my friends celebrating thier birthday but I can't think of any. Anyway, Nov.2 is Wdenesday which means time for Mommy Raya's Wednesday White meme and I am joining again! I know I owe a lot of participant from last 2weeks, I'll make it up! Am just busy offline.
My share for this week whites is my rainbow Iris wearing white tee. This was taken as stated in my photo Dec. 21 of last year. Iris was almost 3months and my sister Kiana loves smooching Iris. They look like sister than mag-tita, sa tingin nyo? :P Kiana is 9 years old while Iris now is a year old.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wine Please!

Hello! hope everyone's halloween is a party! party! and my lovelies just stay at home because Iris is not feeling well maybe the three of us will experience halloween party next year :P

Okay. Photo above was taken last year when Iris was just 2months and a half, my sister Kiana is very fond of Iris and she always play with her and make fun of the little one. Iris is so small pa this time that she has no control of whatever her Aunt wants to do with her just like photo above. Now Iris is a year old and has more control of herself, sometimes she would fight and shout with Kiana if she doesn't like what Kiana is doing to her..siempre naglalambing lang naman si Kiana but Iris find it irritating especially if Kiana keep on smooching her. ..and me?..of course I find them cute when they get along well..and irritates me sometimes when they fight..mga bata talaga.

Anyway, that empty wine bottle (Arbor Mist I think) was a gift from our customer. I never tasted it actually becuase the time that this was given to me I was pregnant with Iris.

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