Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This are just one of the many pix we have in my BB phone. Just having some good times with Iris, goofing and bonding. (photo taken Oct.23, 2012)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little Miss Igorot

 Another photo from our Baguio vacation last September. This is one of Iris cutest photo from that vacation. Obviously we had so much fun with that trip especially Iris.
..and among the many photo opps we had in Baguio this is the only session that Iris show's interest. I think because of the colorful costume. While we were busy with fixing our get up she approached me and said she also want to wear the Igorot dress (of course she said it --that only me can understand LOL) with matching action :) Look at her first picture we never told her to hold the flower coz its big for her but she get it herself. She saw us holding it during photo session so she imitates us. Cuteness mo anakis ko!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iris First Flight

Hahaha..Yeah, first flight. What I mean this is her first Airplane ride and she was only 23 months old. If I remember it right my first time was I think I was already 24? no I think 27. LOL. This is on our way to Manila for our Baguio vacation with her Ninang and my college friends.
up up and away...seeing clouds..
pasalubong for ninang
going home
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Friday, November 2, 2012

HorseBack Riding

This is one of our photo when we had our vacation last September. That was our very first trip (outside our place Bacolod). Why September? because that is our birth month. So our vacation is sort of celebration. It is actually my plan that during our birth month we will have our vacation. What I learn during this vacation as far as my baby is concern she has better retention when she has a first hand encounter like she remember the word "horse" "airplane" so I guess I need to always expose her like bringing her to zoo, museum and other stuff like that.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Yay, It's November 1 and Mama Shengkay decided to join again 366 Blog Photo Challenge and this month host is SAHMs Collection. Do join us!

This photo was taken September just this year. I decided to train Iris to drink her milk and she gamely post after her drink. Good job Anak!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Old Are You?

Two! with matching peace sign like in this photo (left). She just learning to do it thats why she is looking with her finger if she is doing it right.

How time flies really fast no?..it seems yesterday when I gave birth to this little angel and now she is turning 2! (tomorrow-Sept.24) Wow as in wow! celebration? nothing! :P we already had our vacation last September 5-9 at Baguio and that was it. 

Dear Baby Iris,
Happy birthday 'Nak! Parang kelan lang nag 1st birthday ka at bukas 2nd birthday mo na. As always you make mama happy, ang kulit-kulit mo na rin minsan nakaka-ubos ka rin ng pasensya sa sobrang kakulitan mo pero keribels lang ni Mama. Kahit na gaano ka pa ka-kulit love na love ka pa rin ni mama. I pray that you grow up as happy baby, a wise and GODfearing person and with a forgiving heart. Thank you baby for always making mama happy and sorry also for mama's shortcomings. Basta, I am always here for you baby no matter what. Above anything else you are the most important person in my life. Love you baby ko and happy birthday! mwah!
Here is Iris 1st birthday photo...
...she is growing up pretty! :P (oh please allow me to brag LOL)

Friday, September 14, 2012

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Monday, July 23, 2012

New Shoes

Yay! My Rainbow's feet is getting bigger.. I just bought her shoes last four months ago pero hindi na magkasya sa kanya. This made me realize again that my baby is big na! 

So I got her new sandal..I bought this---- aside from I love the simplicity of the design but because I got it with almost 70% off! and the brand is gibi. Original price 899.75php steal it at 300.00php. Last pair.
Thanks JBP! if not because of you hindi ko ito mabibili. Your really is a blessing to me and my baby.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iris at Lacawon Island Resort, Cadiz

Hello! Wow!..its been so long since the last time i updated this baby blog. Blame it to HYIP programs that I been hook for the past 2months. Its an online investment program but which is very risky! But I enjoy it very much. and why not? I earn from HYIP,... amount which is bigger than my monthly salary. Isn't it great?..at sino naman ang hindi mababaliw dun di ba.

Anyway, as usual when I have time to update I always join Jared's Kids in Doodle and Mommy Raya's Wednesday Whites. We're joining again!
I just made a little drama effect (photo above) courtesy of Pizap! Last May we go to Lacawon Island Resort at Cadiz City, a 2hours drive from Bacolod City. It was actually a despidida party for Sir Boyet. I just grab the opportunity to visit this place. I heard a lot of this Lacawon. That it is a pretty cool place. But you know what, aside from its white sand beach and a super clear and clean area yun lang maganda. The facilities and Amenities is poor sa standard ko. Anyways, my little Iris enjoyed the beach despite the scourging sun! that's all that matter to me. Who care's about the amenities if my daughter enjoyed the water.
..and look at her sarap na sarap with the bbq and watching live starfish! center photo-she is actually pointing a fish to me. She keep on babbling fish. Mama fish. Cute! We're waiting for our pump boat when I that took that photo. See the fine white sand? perfect! better than bora!
My 2 lovelies my sister Kiana and of course my rainbow Iris. They both love dagat! look at their skin?.. sunog na.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lappy = Happiness

One of my price stuff is my netbook. I am not a techie person it's just so happen that having this will help me earn online also will entertain and educate my daughter. I remember I was in college already when I learn to use PC. Now, my baby knows to open my netbook and insert my broadband stick (kakatuwa). I think when she turns 2 or 3 she knows to google na :)) . She is only 1 and 7 months now and shows interest on this stuff. Future blogger lang ang peg!
As expected we are suki at Youtube. Our favorite is the Hoopla Kids nursery rhyme and Tom and Jerry. She would watch hoopla Kids and imitate the actions of the character. Our favorite song? Old McDonald Had A Farm. Iris really enjoy using my netbook.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy 19th Month Iris

Photo taken last Black Saturday
Today my baby Iris turn exactly 19th month old or 1year and 7months. Seems only yesterday that I gave birth to this pretty angel of mine. As always and true to her name Iris (meaning rainbow) she always color my world especially when I don't find any color in my life. When I am down and depress she always light and color my world. I know I am not a perfect mother and I guess not a good mother too because honestly I spent most of my time with my co-worker. Bad me I know! Bumabawi naman minsan eh, we go out on weekend just the 2 of us.

What she can do at age 1 year and 7months?
..well aside from she is more talkative now (sya lang naman kadalasan kakaintindi sa sarili nya) hehehe she doodles with pen at saan sya sumusulat? sa katawan lang naman nya. She loves doodling on her arms,  hands, legs. That's where she doodle. She also love wearing my shoes! yes you heard me right. Also she can utter "auntie" and she knows who's her Auntie. Actually she is an Auntie's girl i should say. Kong pagagalitan ko sya she would call her Aunt. She has her wants and would most of the time insist. She also shows interest in my netbook at ang gusto pa nya you just give it to her and she is the one to open it and power on. Magagalit if you open it. She also love watching on YouTube the hooplakidz show...at higit sa lahat it is in this age that I observe that whatever we say she would repeat it. Like "kaon ka na nak" (want to eat baby) she would answer  you 'kaon".."you want to play" she'll answer you play..cute cute!..sometimes when you call her she would anwser you "ha?" kakatuwa.

So that's all for now. Happy 19th month baby!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Top Commentator

Thank you so much to my Top 10 Commentators for the Month of March. You made my baby blog so alive for the whole month. I know most of you are from Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge..and because of that my 2M alexa rank goes down to 1M.. wow! as in wow!

As my way of thanking you people you'll be having space here in my blog thru this my thank you post.. For my top 2 commentator you will be featured in my top commentator (sidebar) and since Mrs. D and KM both have 25comments i'll feature 3 blogs this month. Again thank you so much!

Happy April everyone! enjoy your Springtime and Summer here in my country.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

91/366 Earth Hour 2012

Me and my baby join Earth Hour event at SM City Bacolod. For whole one hour we turn off all the lights and appliances in the house. I pledge as you can see in my photo to use reusable bag. How about you? what's your pledge for mother earth?

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Friday, March 30, 2012

90/366 Date with Iris

2days more to go goodbye April! time flies so fast no?..joining again Project 366 blog photo challenge.
..my share today is Iris picture just today during our date. More story in my main blog Shengkay's Journal.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

89/366 Doodling with Ekeys

Cute lang. Iris during my office hours. I'm glad in my work because as long as it's not busy I can bring Iris with me. My share to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

88/366 Big Shoes for Little Iris

Guess whose that legs?..Iris! She loves wearing my shoes and slipper. Actually she loves wearing big footwear! she's knows well to carry big footwear but not of her slipper. If you'll give her my shoes and her shoes, she'll surely choose my shoes. I don't don't know. For some reason she just love wearing those.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

87/366 Mama's Love

Mama's love and happiness. Thank you baby for being my rainbow and for making my life colorful. Because of you I always learn to be positive about life. Love you anak.

Photo taken Sept. 2011. Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Monday, March 26, 2012

86/366 Iris Loving Shake and Sagu

Thanks to piZap.com! I think I am gonna loving this site because of it's a cool collage effect of Iris photo. Anyway, my share for today's Project 366 blog photo challege is taken last March 16, 2012 when I go at Gaisano Mall to pay for my Avon's due. After I paid Avon we stroll for a while at the mall and we bought Shakes and Sagu, this is actually my first time and Iris too to taste this Shakes and Sagu drink and I like the taste of it..and Iris?..hulaan nyo..hehehe.. We also eat siomai of Master Siomai.  

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

85/366 Crying Iris

Iris is a happy baby. But not this time. She is crying here because she hate my little sister Kiana. She hate when Kiana teases her. When she cry she'll go with me and magsumbong that her Aunt Kiana  inaway sya. hehehe. Cute!

For Iris milestone, I think she can understand na whatever we say to her like "please throw your  use diaper" she happily follow instruction. She utter love you when i say I love anak- oh course the baby way (babu-meaning I love you) She also had 3 teeth (yung  parang pangil) ready to rupture any time soon..

Project 366 blog photo challenge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

84/366 First Birthday

Thanks picnik.com for this cool digiscrap! 
This are some of the photo of Iris during her 1st bday last year. Parang kelan lang. 6months more to go she'll be celebrating her second bday. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

83/366 Picnik Summer Frame

My first love when it comes to digiscrap editing is picnik.com but sad to say they are closing down on April 19 so I am grabbing their premuim themes to use in Iris photos. Below is one of their premium themes from Summer album.
There were times that Iris loves to play with that wine bottle. That wine bottle actually is where I stored all 5 and 10cents coin. She would doodle..ibubuhos lahat ng coins and will put it back in the wine bottle. She would do that over and over until she gets tired doing it. Don't worry she don't eat, I mean put those coins in her mouth,

Project 366 Blog Photo Challege.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

82/366 Nido Milk Supplement

Every 22nd and 7th of the month is "grocery" day for me. Time to buy stuff good for 15days which include Iris milk and diapers. She could use up around 56pcs diaper and 2-3kilos of milk in 15days! so today is grocer day. As much as possible I bring Iris during my market day so that she'll be able to connect with other people.
..and during our grocery I saw a Nido Junior Milk Supplement and thought try it to Iris. Iris is a Bonna baby since birth..Bonna to Bonamil to Bonakid. Nido is much pricey compare to Bonakid but I heard and read good feedback about it so I'll try it to Iris. Nido is just right in my budget.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81/366 Working Iris

Another busy day for me because  we had audit in my work. Everything goes well naman.  Thank you Lord!

Anyway, welcome to another round of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Kids in Doodle. My share for today is Iris photo when I bring her at work. If I am not busy I tag her along. She looks so busy, isn't she?
click image for a larger view
Actually when she's with me I can't do my work because she would doodle in my PC. She is the boss in my work place. hehehe.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge
Kids in Doodle

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80/366 BeFunky Cross Process Effect

In my last post I have mention that I love befunky editor..and now my share is another edited photo of Iris courtesy of befunky.com. This effect is called cross effect. I love this effect because it makes Iris photo look like a vintage one.
 ..and below is the original photo of Iris.
Anyways, Iris just finish her food. I was doing this post while Iris is eating her dinner. I'm happy because she knows how hold her spoon and she eat alone. We don't need to fed her. She is eating on her own na. Good job baby! of course with a little assistant from us to avoid mess on her table.

Monday, March 19, 2012

79/366 BeFunky Photos

I found another worth my time site (at least for me) about editing a photo. Some of you might observe that I am into digiscrapping always..I love cute borders, designs and all when it comes to Iris photos, two of us photos actually. I treasure every photos I take with Iris and I have tons and tons of her photos actually. When you are a mom for sure you understand my feeling. Hehehe.

..so what is the site that I am loving now? its called a befunky (befunky.com) you can even use the free software without registering. Cool, right? and here is the sample photos that I doodle..
The first photo they call that befunky inkify style and the second one is befunky pop art style.Cool, no? below is the original photo.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

78/366 Last Year Earth Hour Photo

Joining again another round of Blog Photo Challenge. Proud of myself to join this everyday..Though sometimes I link up late. Actually, it's more of a challenge for me to update Iris blog. Good thing i never run out of photos to share.
..this photo was taken last of March during Earth Hour day. I bring Iris and my sister Kiana in my work during that day. Earth Hour will be on March 31 830PM.

Good morning! it's 1:47am na actually.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

77/366 FB Cover Photo

..and whose not into facebook?..oh common! saang planeta ka ba galing at wala kang facebook?.. joke! I think majority of the blogger has FB account. Some has actually had a multiple account(raising my hand) but since I don't really visit the other account I decided to deactivate it. Now I only have 1 account for myself and 1 for Iris.

Okay, I was inspired to do digiscrapping today because I won mymemorysuite software giveaway..I am in the process now of downloading and installation and while waiting to complete it I decided to change my facebook cover photo. Timeline ka na ba?.. Me? yes! I go with he flow. Hehehe. Am actually loving the facebook timeline now. So here is the cover photo I made for my account and Iris.
Iris cover

If you want to make a cover photo the size should be 850x315 so it will perfectly fit in your FB cover.

Share this to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.  Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

76/366 The Future Singer

Remember my post when me and Iris bond at Lagoon Capitol? this is the part 2 because when we arrive home my Rainbow Iris sing her heart out..hahaha..as in! and what she sang? hoo..hoo...ahhh..ahhh..laaa..laaa..at feel na feel pa talaga ha! akala nyo ha..just look at her.. as in she close eyes..she sing out loud..as in very loud! I was like "nak can you shut up?"..hahha..of course I never said that. I just let her sing and watch her. I was smiling the whole time she's singing..I think was laughing not smiling.
..see?..that's my baby! go Iris! :D ..my happiness and joy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

75/366 Dress Hunting for Christening

This photo was taken a year ago. March 15, 2011 5days before Iris Christening. We we're looking for her dress on her Christening day.
 ..Iris was almost 6months in here. We choose the simple dress (first photo)

Iris Christening was one of the highlight of Iris existence of last year.  Time flies so fast my rainbow is now a little lady. She dance, she sings and babbles a lot! hindi nga lang masyado maintindihan. Hahaha. Most of the time she mimic the grown ups. Such a cutie!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

74/366 Rattle Toys

Good morning!
This photo was taken exactly a year ago. I observe that my entry was a photo from last year of same month now. Not all but most of them. I had limited time of blogging before due to not owning a personal PC and now I had all the privileged  to show Iris cuteness from last year. Thanks to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.