Friday, March 30, 2012

90/366 Date with Iris

2days more to go goodbye April! time flies so fast no?..joining again Project 366 blog photo challenge. share today is Iris picture just today during our date. More story in my main blog Shengkay's Journal.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

89/366 Doodling with Ekeys

Cute lang. Iris during my office hours. I'm glad in my work because as long as it's not busy I can bring Iris with me. My share to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

88/366 Big Shoes for Little Iris

Guess whose that legs?..Iris! She loves wearing my shoes and slipper. Actually she loves wearing big footwear! she's knows well to carry big footwear but not of her slipper. If you'll give her my shoes and her shoes, she'll surely choose my shoes. I don't don't know. For some reason she just love wearing those.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

87/366 Mama's Love

Mama's love and happiness. Thank you baby for being my rainbow and for making my life colorful. Because of you I always learn to be positive about life. Love you anak.

Photo taken Sept. 2011. Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Monday, March 26, 2012

86/366 Iris Loving Shake and Sagu

Thanks to! I think I am gonna loving this site because of it's a cool collage effect of Iris photo. Anyway, my share for today's Project 366 blog photo challege is taken last March 16, 2012 when I go at Gaisano Mall to pay for my Avon's due. After I paid Avon we stroll for a while at the mall and we bought Shakes and Sagu, this is actually my first time and Iris too to taste this Shakes and Sagu drink and I like the taste of it..and Iris?..hulaan nyo..hehehe.. We also eat siomai of Master Siomai.  

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

85/366 Crying Iris

Iris is a happy baby. But not this time. She is crying here because she hate my little sister Kiana. She hate when Kiana teases her. When she cry she'll go with me and magsumbong that her Aunt Kiana  inaway sya. hehehe. Cute!

For Iris milestone, I think she can understand na whatever we say to her like "please throw your  use diaper" she happily follow instruction. She utter love you when i say I love anak- oh course the baby way (babu-meaning I love you) She also had 3 teeth (yung  parang pangil) ready to rupture any time soon..

Project 366 blog photo challenge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

84/366 First Birthday

Thanks for this cool digiscrap! 
This are some of the photo of Iris during her 1st bday last year. Parang kelan lang. 6months more to go she'll be celebrating her second bday. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

83/366 Picnik Summer Frame

My first love when it comes to digiscrap editing is but sad to say they are closing down on April 19 so I am grabbing their premuim themes to use in Iris photos. Below is one of their premium themes from Summer album.
There were times that Iris loves to play with that wine bottle. That wine bottle actually is where I stored all 5 and 10cents coin. She would doodle..ibubuhos lahat ng coins and will put it back in the wine bottle. She would do that over and over until she gets tired doing it. Don't worry she don't eat, I mean put those coins in her mouth,

Project 366 Blog Photo Challege.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

82/366 Nido Milk Supplement

Every 22nd and 7th of the month is "grocery" day for me. Time to buy stuff good for 15days which include Iris milk and diapers. She could use up around 56pcs diaper and 2-3kilos of milk in 15days! so today is grocer day. As much as possible I bring Iris during my market day so that she'll be able to connect with other people.
..and during our grocery I saw a Nido Junior Milk Supplement and thought try it to Iris. Iris is a Bonna baby since birth..Bonna to Bonamil to Bonakid. Nido is much pricey compare to Bonakid but I heard and read good feedback about it so I'll try it to Iris. Nido is just right in my budget.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81/366 Working Iris

Another busy day for me because  we had audit in my work. Everything goes well naman.  Thank you Lord!

Anyway, welcome to another round of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Kids in Doodle. My share for today is Iris photo when I bring her at work. If I am not busy I tag her along. She looks so busy, isn't she?
click image for a larger view
Actually when she's with me I can't do my work because she would doodle in my PC. She is the boss in my work place. hehehe.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge
Kids in Doodle

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80/366 BeFunky Cross Process Effect

In my last post I have mention that I love befunky editor..and now my share is another edited photo of Iris courtesy of This effect is called cross effect. I love this effect because it makes Iris photo look like a vintage one.
 ..and below is the original photo of Iris.
Anyways, Iris just finish her food. I was doing this post while Iris is eating her dinner. I'm happy because she knows how hold her spoon and she eat alone. We don't need to fed her. She is eating on her own na. Good job baby! of course with a little assistant from us to avoid mess on her table.

Monday, March 19, 2012

79/366 BeFunky Photos

I found another worth my time site (at least for me) about editing a photo. Some of you might observe that I am into digiscrapping always..I love cute borders, designs and all when it comes to Iris photos, two of us photos actually. I treasure every photos I take with Iris and I have tons and tons of her photos actually. When you are a mom for sure you understand my feeling. Hehehe. what is the site that I am loving now? its called a befunky ( you can even use the free software without registering. Cool, right? and here is the sample photos that I doodle..
The first photo they call that befunky inkify style and the second one is befunky pop art style.Cool, no? below is the original photo.
 ..share this to Project 366 Blog Photo Challege.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

78/366 Last Year Earth Hour Photo

Joining again another round of Blog Photo Challenge. Proud of myself to join this everyday..Though sometimes I link up late. Actually, it's more of a challenge for me to update Iris blog. Good thing i never run out of photos to share.
..this photo was taken last of March during Earth Hour day. I bring Iris and my sister Kiana in my work during that day. Earth Hour will be on March 31 830PM.

Good morning! it's 1:47am na actually.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

77/366 FB Cover Photo

..and whose not into facebook?..oh common! saang planeta ka ba galing at wala kang facebook?.. joke! I think majority of the blogger has FB account. Some has actually had a multiple account(raising my hand) but since I don't really visit the other account I decided to deactivate it. Now I only have 1 account for myself and 1 for Iris.

Okay, I was inspired to do digiscrapping today because I won mymemorysuite software giveaway..I am in the process now of downloading and installation and while waiting to complete it I decided to change my facebook cover photo. Timeline ka na ba?.. Me? yes! I go with he flow. Hehehe. Am actually loving the facebook timeline now. So here is the cover photo I made for my account and Iris.
Iris cover

If you want to make a cover photo the size should be 850x315 so it will perfectly fit in your FB cover.

Share this to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.  Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

76/366 The Future Singer

Remember my post when me and Iris bond at Lagoon Capitol? this is the part 2 because when we arrive home my Rainbow Iris sing her heart in! and what she sang? feel na feel pa talaga ha! akala nyo ha..just look at her.. as in she close eyes..she sing out in very loud! I was like "nak can you shut up?"..hahha..of course I never said that. I just let her sing and watch her. I was smiling the whole time she's singing..I think was laughing not smiling.
..see?..that's my baby! go Iris! :D happiness and joy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

75/366 Dress Hunting for Christening

This photo was taken a year ago. March 15, 2011 5days before Iris Christening. We we're looking for her dress on her Christening day.
 ..Iris was almost 6months in here. We choose the simple dress (first photo)

Iris Christening was one of the highlight of Iris existence of last year.  Time flies so fast my rainbow is now a little lady. She dance, she sings and babbles a lot! hindi nga lang masyado maintindihan. Hahaha. Most of the time she mimic the grown ups. Such a cutie!

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Project 366 Blog Photo Challege
Wednesday Whites
 Color Connection

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

74/366 Rattle Toys

Good morning!
This photo was taken exactly a year ago. I observe that my entry was a photo from last year of same month now. Not all but most of them. I had limited time of blogging before due to not owning a personal PC and now I had all the privileged  to show Iris cuteness from last year. Thanks to Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

73/366 Inaanak Jeannah with my Baby

This photo was taken July 30 of last year. Iris was only 10months old in here. We visited my Inaanak (godchild). The chubby one. Her name is Jeannah (pronounce as Jannah). Obviously, my baby love's the toy car..and Jeannah don't want to share it with Iris.
Iris (above) don't like Jeannah to come near her. Hehehe. She is pushing Jeannah away. 
 ..while Jeannah want to get her car. Haahaha..mga bata talaga. Iris was actually babbling that Jeannah  was trying to get the car. As if naman may magagawa ako. In the end the two kiddos get along well. Very good mga anak.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Kids in Doodles.

Have nice day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

72/366 Funny Pix

I was in a mode of browsing of our last year photos when I accidentally click a video dated February 6, 2011. It shows Iris starting to moves around the floor by rolling and turning her body. She was actually crying while doing her moves and I just let her cry and move around with her 2 Aunt watching her. Hahaha. Bad mama! I heard myself saying let her move around so that she'll learn by her own on moving and doing other stuff and that she'll be stronger and have control of her moves. Video made me smile made me realize Am such a bad mama. Hehehe.

Anyway, my share today is not related with that video but another photo from February 2011. Dated Feb12 to be exact. Meaning a year and a month ago. I don't exactly remember what we're doing but one thing for sure we we're at Gaisano Mall that day. You'll gonna smile with this photo.

..I think this wig is on display and we tried it to Iris for fun. Look at her! hehehe..Funny, Right?!. Hehehe..

Happy Monday everyone!

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

71/366 Creating a Website

Kids nowadays is far different during my time especially when it comes to technology. Kids now are very smart and why not?..with the fast pace of changing technology kids easily adapt. I remember I was already in college when the first time that I learn computer. That time Friendster is the hottest social media in town..but believe me I never had an account on friendster not until I graduated and I was already working. Funny yeah! that late bloomer when it comes to online world.
See my baby? as early as 1year old she is so eager about computer, of course she is just interested on kiddie stuff like nursery rhyme on youtube. Her fave to watch? oh mcdonald had a farm. Sometimes she would keep on typing- what I do is open a word doc and let her do her stuff. Typing here and there. I would not be surprise if one day she would create a website of her own (hehehe). Seeing me always online and do blogging, I'll be happy to see her blog too! but of course I'll be happier if she'll focus on her study. Anyway, my baby is too baby for anything. Am just delighted to see her learning things around.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

BPC 70/366- Date with Iris

The other day March 8, whenever I had a chance to tag Iris with me (as long as I am not in a hurry) I bring her. Like if I'll be going to Avon and Natasha (direct selling company) and will just pay she come with me. But if I had plenty of order to pick up I don't bring her. So last Thursday after my transaction with stuff I mention we dated at Greenwich..and while waiting for our food this is what she is doing.
Click photo for a larger view with a table center piece...climb in a table.
 ..lying down
 ..and up..she can't sit still! hello baby..pwede behave muna?
..of course, another mommy moments. Happy weekend everyone!

366 Blog Photo Challenge and Pink Friday. Iris is wearing pink hair...?? what do you call that? and a pink strap of my bag..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Turning Recyclables Into Memories

All it takes is a short walk down the toy aisle in your local department store to see how much toys have changed over the years. Not only are most toys made out of cheap, easily breakable plastics, but they can really leave your wallet sore. There's an easy way to kill two birds with one stone here, though, and all it takes is a quick look around your own home. Taking everyday items that would either be thrown away or ignored and forgotten and turning them back into things you can use can be an exciting and memorable playtime for you and your son or daughter.

One of the easiest and most common recyclable made toys is doll house furniture. Doll house accessories can be made out of anything from wood scrap chairs to cracker box cars. If you want to make a day of it, you could take all sorts of cardboard boxes and a set of crayons or makers and create an entire custom doll house out of your recyclable treasures. It's easy to take all kinds of recyclable materials and create entire wardrobes  for their toys and dolls.

Girls aren't the only ones who like to make recycled toys. Help your son make a suit of armor from milk jugs and let him be the knight of the castle for a day or turn scraps into cars for his action figures. Helping him take apart other toys to build new ones not only engages him into something creative, but also gives him the chance to see how things work while they are being taken apart. Whatever you choose to dd, make the most of this opportunity with your child. They will learn the responsibility of recycling and reusing while at the same time, creating happy memories together with you.

Guest Post by Robert Lobitz.

69/366 Blog Photo Challenge-Ash Wednesday

This was taken last year March 9, 2011 (that's exactly 1year today) after attending mass for Ash Wednesday. If you'll observe my forehead still has that "ashes". Ash Wednesday means the coming of lent season.
 I so love Iris eyes! time flies so fast talaga..Iris is so big na now.

TGIF everyone! Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

68/366 Blog Photo Challenge-Mommy Moments

Most memorable year for me was 2010. That's when I become a mother and experience motherhood. It was not easy especially being a single mom but having a child (as cute as mine) hehehe.. erases all my worries. Yeah, sometimes I still feel bad about the father abandoning the baby but I just believe everything happens for a reason. So instead of dwelling in a not so good vibes lets just Love! Love! Love!
One of the many mommy moments captured. October 1, 2010. A week after I give birth to Iris.
This was taken when we arrive home after our scheduled series of visit (OPD) to Riverside hospital for her follow up medication.

Iris is Joining BC Bloggers

BC_BLOGGERSMy Shengkayful''s Fashion and Lifestyle Blog join BC Bloggers 3 last year and now my 3 other blog will join BC Blogger 4 including this baby blog. How was that? cool! I am excited for this because among the many link building site BC Blogger is one of the many who is consistent in helping other bloggers and since my baby blog has a new domain I lost my link and have to rebuild it.

So, wanna join us? just click on the badge included in this post and follow the instruction.

Happy Blogging everyone! Oh, today is International Women's Day..Salute to all the woman in the world!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

67/366 Blog Photo Challenge-Last Year

My blog photo challenge today was taken exactly a year ago. March 7, 2011. As I have mention in my main blog most of the time I take photo of me and Iris before and after I go to work.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

66/366 Blog Photo Challenge- Lets Go Mama!

I told daughter always carry my bag! and she would say "ba-bye, ba-bye" because everytime I go to work (of course I had my bag) then I'll kiss her and will say I love you bye ba bye then I'll get my bag..that's the routine she imitate I guess..she'll get my bag and will say ba-bye.
 isn't she cute?..
..have a nice day everyone!

366 Blog Photo Challenge.