Monday, March 5, 2012

65/366 Blog Photo Challenge-Peek-a- Boo!

Hell once again!..for the fifth day of the challenge we're here again! yehey!..and my share for today is some of the photo of Iris when I bring her to my work. When I am not busy at work especially Saturday I tag her along with me so that aside from the people in the house she'll be able to met some person. This is my way of boosting her confidence. But I think her age she's not really into socializing. She'd cry if someone will try to carry her.

Anyway, here are some of her kulit moments when she's in my workplace..Peek-a-Boo! always Iris makes me happy and thankful and feel so blessed to be her mama. Love you Anak! mwah!


  1. Ehh... cuteness ni Iris! She loves that game as much as most kids do! :)

    BPC hop here!

  2. awww! at work with Momi, you are so cute Iris especially the last picture, love it :-) Returning the visit from #65 of BPC.

  3. ang cute ni Iris!!! that's a hard hat! hehehe... galing mag peek-a-boo! bpc 65 visit

  4. wow! ang laki na ni Iris ah! pwede pala mag sama ng anak? hehe Visiting from BPC#65.

  5. how cute! buti allowed sa work mo sis to bring kids around...ano pala work mo?!

    thanks for joining!

  6. aww, she's a cutee! :) peek-a-bo, i see you! visiting from 366 bpc mommy.

  7. sarap naman ni Iris, kasama lagi ni Mommy pati sa work :) nung unang tingin akala ko diaper yung sinusuot nya, yun pala hard hat. hehe!

    here for BPC :)

  8. thanks for joining again this week...those are real nice photos of you, baby sure you will learn how to socialize with others when you get a bit bigger, just like me :D


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