Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80/366 BeFunky Cross Process Effect

In my last post I have mention that I love befunky editor..and now my share is another edited photo of Iris courtesy of befunky.com. This effect is called cross effect. I love this effect because it makes Iris photo look like a vintage one.
 ..and below is the original photo of Iris.
Anyways, Iris just finish her food. I was doing this post while Iris is eating her dinner. I'm happy because she knows how hold her spoon and she eat alone. We don't need to fed her. She is eating on her own na. Good job baby! of course with a little assistant from us to avoid mess on her table.


  1. look at those eyes and lips...so cute! wow, way to go Iris...no need to feed her naman diay.

  2. love those big round us., =)

    from BPC

  3. Thanks for sharing us about this website. I am currently using Picnik and I love it, but I am sad that they are about to close next month, so it is nice to know this. She is one pretty little princess. :) Visiting late!

  4. awe! which ever, she is still cute.. good job little pumpkin, I am teaching my daughter as well how to feed her self but not quite there yet its more on the floor than in her mouth...mg k edad lng cla ng anak mo. tc! thanks for stopping by~Tales from my so called Life

  5. Uy, Sheng, ipaprint mo at ilagay sa frame yang picture ni Iris na yan. Ang ganda, pramis! Saktong sakto ang anggulo, at of course, captured na captured ang pinaka-striking facial feature nya - ang kayang big, beautiful, round eyes :)

    1. oo nga eh..timing lang talaga sa paglingon nya sa akin tsaka ko na click yung cp cam ko..
      thanks sa suggestion..pa-print ko to..
      ito actually ang wallpaper ng netbook ko at cp ko.. hehehe..nanay na nanay talaga..if mom ka parang lahat sa anak na lang talaga..
      thanks KM!


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