Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81/366 Working Iris

Another busy day for me because  we had audit in my work. Everything goes well naman.  Thank you Lord!

Anyway, welcome to another round of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Kids in Doodle. My share for today is Iris photo when I bring her at work. If I am not busy I tag her along. She looks so busy, isn't she?
click image for a larger view
Actually when she's with me I can't do my work because she would doodle in my PC. She is the boss in my work place. hehehe.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge
Kids in Doodle


  1. sos, tawon! mura naman ug korek bataa...mau kau mo hawid sa mouse...ehehehe!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  2. i like best the 4th picture. hehehe

    from BPC

  3. hehe cute little office worker. I wonder how much she got from the office lol. Visiting from BPC # 81. See yah!

  4. If you bring her to work, it's just okay sa boss mo? Oh well, she's your boss naman pala. Lol. Cute! :D

    BPC hop!

  5. Its really so funny to see Iris.
    He is looking cute with that smile.
    Nice snaps.

  6. Well, when you have kids around you will never get things done. You will always get distracted by these cute little fellas. hehehe.. She is adorable! :) visiting late via BPC. :)

  7. hahahaha! buti naman mommy sheng allowed ka to bring her in the office... kasi yung iba di puede diba?? and si Iris??? ang kuleeettt!!! hehehe... bpc 81 visit.

  8. looks like the little office girl is really having fun at her workstation! :D

    thanks for joiing K.i.d this week + do join us again next week! :)


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