Friday, March 23, 2012

83/366 Picnik Summer Frame

My first love when it comes to digiscrap editing is but sad to say they are closing down on April 19 so I am grabbing their premuim themes to use in Iris photos. Below is one of their premium themes from Summer album.
There were times that Iris loves to play with that wine bottle. That wine bottle actually is where I stored all 5 and 10cents coin. She would doodle..ibubuhos lahat ng coins and will put it back in the wine bottle. She would do that over and over until she gets tired doing it. Don't worry she don't eat, I mean put those coins in her mouth,

Project 366 Blog Photo Challege.


  1. cute! kasayo bataa nagtuon ug kwenta...glad she did not put it in her mouth!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  2. wala jud ko talent ani digiscrap

    my entry for this bpc:

  3. nice one!

    from BPC

  4. I'm not into digiscrap and I envy evryone who does. This one's a great output! :)

    BPC 83 hop!

  5. so cute. Iris looking very cool.
    Nice snap..
    Thanks for your cute snap post.


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