Saturday, March 10, 2012

BPC 70/366- Date with Iris

The other day March 8, whenever I had a chance to tag Iris with me (as long as I am not in a hurry) I bring her. Like if I'll be going to Avon and Natasha (direct selling company) and will just pay she come with me. But if I had plenty of order to pick up I don't bring her. So last Thursday after my transaction with stuff I mention we dated at Greenwich..and while waiting for our food this is what she is doing.
Click photo for a larger view with a table center piece...climb in a table.
 ..lying down
 ..and up..she can't sit still! hello baby..pwede behave muna?
..of course, another mommy moments. Happy weekend everyone!

366 Blog Photo Challenge and Pink Friday. Iris is wearing pink hair...?? what do you call that? and a pink strap of my bag..


  1. pretty baby .. mana sa Mommy :) was here for BPC :)

  2. I think your baby will grow up to be very adventurous :) Here for a BPC visit.

  3. aw so pretty..
    late visit from WW. heres my share..
    Traditional Terno
    Self Portrait

  4. visitng u again from BPC, here is my late entry,

  5. I Call it hair tie.

    I love her cute little dress.

    bpc visit, my entry is here:

  6. Cute mommy moments. Late visit from the challenge.

  7. eh! kasi bata! hehe... ang laki na nya. Visiting from BPC#70.

  8. what a sweet date with Momi and daughter, love her dress Sis, so adorable :-) Visiting from #70 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  9. anlaki na nya te sheng!

    ..dropping by from BPC #70.

  10. big na si iris...ang likot! bpc 70 visit.

  11. What a typical girl..As in that stage they really could not sit still and just wait:)

    Visiting for #70 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  12. the last pic! she's all over the place now sis ah...ang bilis talaga nang panahon!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  13. beautiful photos of you and Iris! thanks for joining, Sheng!

  14. awww cute girl! precious photo. visiting from Pink Fridays.

  15. late visit for PF, I hope you could visit me at

    see you!!!

  16. okei yan, very active at bibo kid si Iris mo, She! siguro pagod na pagod ka kakabantay sa kanya, pero mabuti yun for her ;)

    here for BPC ^^

  17. soo sweet.. Iris looking so cute and very funny things she is doing.


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