Sunday, March 11, 2012

71/366 Creating a Website

Kids nowadays is far different during my time especially when it comes to technology. Kids now are very smart and why not?..with the fast pace of changing technology kids easily adapt. I remember I was already in college when the first time that I learn computer. That time Friendster is the hottest social media in town..but believe me I never had an account on friendster not until I graduated and I was already working. Funny yeah! that late bloomer when it comes to online world.
See my baby? as early as 1year old she is so eager about computer, of course she is just interested on kiddie stuff like nursery rhyme on youtube. Her fave to watch? oh mcdonald had a farm. Sometimes she would keep on typing- what I do is open a word doc and let her do her stuff. Typing here and there. I would not be surprise if one day she would create a website of her own (hehehe). Seeing me always online and do blogging, I'll be happy to see her blog too! but of course I'll be happier if she'll focus on her study. Anyway, my baby is too baby for anything. Am just delighted to see her learning things around.

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  1. its good to introduce them to computers and the internet as early as possible. thru this gadget, they develop faster and smarter. i thank the Apple for making the iPhone, my toddler knows his ABCs, Numbers, and shapes. =)

    from BPC

  2. will never know sis...makurat nalang ka nana pod sya kaugalingon nga blog...:) so true...mga bata ron kay high tech na kau.

    thanks for joining BPC!

  3. aw atong mga anak ma blogger pod ni sila

    bpc visit, my entry is:

  4. cuteness :-) Iris is a future blogger in the making too. Iris are you Momi's secretary? Visiting late from #71 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  5. iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon! even my 8-month old baby loves to tinker with my cellphone and my laptop too...hehehe.. bpc 71 visit.

  6. Very smart kid :) Lahi na gyud ang mga bata karon, very advanced na in technology :) Thanks for the visit.

  7. ay naku, sinabi mo pa. baka nga one day ang mga bata hindi na marunong magsulat manually, kasi lahat electronic na lang. aabangan ko ang website na i-b-build ni iris :)

    here for BPC ^^

  8. He he very cute Iris.
    Looking so cute while working with the system.
    Nice snaps


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