Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project 61/366 Blog Photo Challege

This will be my first time to join Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge (its not project 366 in my case, its project 305 na! hehe) and I hope I could make it from today till the end of the challenge. Since this is my baby blog of course the "bida" will always be Iris..anything about her. This is also my way of updating this blog regularly. A challenge for myself! :)
Okay, so for my first project my share is my "pa-cute" baby. She is always like that every time I took her a photo. When you say smile anak, she really would close her eyes! sometimes because of the camera flash. Anyway, I still find her cute in here.. Hahaha. Nanay talaga eh no!

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. oh my...super cute ni Iris....sarap kurutin eh...ehehhee! thanks for joining sis...nako, d bale at huli...may 300 more days pa naman...ehehhee!

  2. awww! what a stinker she is Mommy, so huggable Iris :-) glad you join us here :-) Visiting from #61of 366 BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. haha so cute! ang anak ko pag picturan mag funny face. kakainis kc wala talaga syang seryus na kuha. its either mag dila or palabasin nya ang kanyang mga gilagid. hahaha..

    from BPC! welcome aboard to this challenge!

  4. hehehe... ang cute nga mommy sheng! our babies are always the bida, no matter what. super late visit sa bpc 61.

  5. That's a super cute photo naman talaga! ;-)

    Welcome to BPC! Enjoy the daily challenge as I do! :)

    BPC hop!

  6. One cute little princess! :) Visiting you back mommy.

    Adin B


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