Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project 63/366 BPC- Bonding Moments

I had date with Iris this afternoon. It was unplanned. I go home early and I thought of buying merienda for us but I thought why not bring Iris somewhere we're we can bond. Just the two of us. We go at SM Mall I was wondering why it's so crowded and the reason is..
..and everybody is busy shopping.
There is also some kind of exhibit or I think a show or something outside SM. All I heard is some giant creatures sound-a dinosaur. I was offered if I want to go inside, ticket is 300 pesos. I refuse. Me and Iris just go malling. I really had no plan on what to do, all I know is we will eat at Jollibee..and another unplanned stuff I did! Napadaan ng booksale si ako. Since SM is on sale Booksale has just open some of their stocks. As in super duper baby books on pile. To be honest I refuse to buy that ticket for Iris to see Dinosaur live sound or whatever it is because I was tight on budget. But with the books hindi ako nakatangi!. Iris was also busy browsing some kiddie books. In the end I bought 7books. Hahaha. I paid around 12$ for this book. Not bad! Booksale store is selling second hand book.
After we bought this I decided that we eat na and I was tired na rin kakahabol kay Iris. There! Since SM is on sale of course all of the food chain inside is sobrang haba ng pila and all tables are occupied. I decided to take out our food. Where we eat? At capitol lagoon. It is also serve as Park. You can see many people here jogging, dating, some is having a picnik and family who is bonding with thier kids just like me and Iris. Iris is having so much fun in here (see that sort of pool?) there is actually plenty of Tilapia there. Kids enjoy feeding fish. Iris give them our french fries left over.
..of course she enjoy our food. Chicken and Mushroom pasta, Burger, Pineapple juice and French Fries. Look at her.
We go home around 7pm. I enjoy it much! and the way I look at it Iris did enjoy too!

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. i love sale! who doesnt? hehe.. oi 70%off ha. lol. sarap nung spaghetti oh.. miss ko na jollibee, kelan kaya ako kakain ulit ng jollibee..hmm =D

    from BPC

  2. awwwwwwww...busog na busog! sarap nang bonding moments nyo sis....thanks for joining BPC!

  3. Ay, pinalaway ako ni Iris si kinain nya o! Grabe, tulo laway talaga si ako! Looks like you had a wonderful time, Mommy! Nice!

    BPC hop here!

  4. She is so cute, is she mix Momi? Visiting from #63 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  5. parang ang daming na shopping ah ;) big girl na si iris, kumakain na by herself :)

    here for BPC ^^


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