Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy 19th Month Iris

Photo taken last Black Saturday
Today my baby Iris turn exactly 19th month old or 1year and 7months. Seems only yesterday that I gave birth to this pretty angel of mine. As always and true to her name Iris (meaning rainbow) she always color my world especially when I don't find any color in my life. When I am down and depress she always light and color my world. I know I am not a perfect mother and I guess not a good mother too because honestly I spent most of my time with my co-worker. Bad me I know! Bumabawi naman minsan eh, we go out on weekend just the 2 of us.

What she can do at age 1 year and 7months?
..well aside from she is more talkative now (sya lang naman kadalasan kakaintindi sa sarili nya) hehehe she doodles with pen at saan sya sumusulat? sa katawan lang naman nya. She loves doodling on her arms,  hands, legs. That's where she doodle. She also love wearing my shoes! yes you heard me right. Also she can utter "auntie" and she knows who's her Auntie. Actually she is an Auntie's girl i should say. Kong pagagalitan ko sya she would call her Aunt. She has her wants and would most of the time insist. She also shows interest in my netbook at ang gusto pa nya you just give it to her and she is the one to open it and power on. Magagalit if you open it. She also love watching on YouTube the hooplakidz show...at higit sa lahat it is in this age that I observe that whatever we say she would repeat it. Like "kaon ka na nak" (want to eat baby) she would answer  you 'kaon".."you want to play" she'll answer you play..cute cute!..sometimes when you call her she would anwser you "ha?" kakatuwa.

So that's all for now. Happy 19th month baby!

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  1. Laki n ni Iris ah naku mas magiging makulit pa yan, sorry hindi lagi napapadaan dito bihira mag blog hop eh .. Anyway, be good to your mom as always.


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