Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lappy = Happiness

One of my price stuff is my netbook. I am not a techie person it's just so happen that having this will help me earn online also will entertain and educate my daughter. I remember I was in college already when I learn to use PC. Now, my baby knows to open my netbook and insert my broadband stick (kakatuwa). I think when she turns 2 or 3 she knows to google na :)) . She is only 1 and 7 months now and shows interest on this stuff. Future blogger lang ang peg!
As expected we are suki at Youtube. Our favorite is the Hoopla Kids nursery rhyme and Tom and Jerry. She would watch hoopla Kids and imitate the actions of the character. Our favorite song? Old McDonald Had A Farm. Iris really enjoy using my netbook.
So that's it for today. Share this to Kids in Doodle.


  1. kids are starting to be techie in such early age. :)
    parang lahat sila marunong ng magpipindot sa pc kahit di pa nagbabasa! lols! :)

  2. Hi Sis,

    Wow, marunong na si baby. Magka-age pala sila ng bunso ko but bawal pa siyang maglaptop, grabe ginagawang drums kasi e.hehe

    Btw, please add the BC Bloggers links. It can be found here in column A.

    After which put the URL of your blogroll in Column B. If there is any problems pls email me. We're waiting for your entry. Others have already put theirs.

    Thank you so much,


  3. i bet if mum has a laptop i will equally enjoy using it, too! ;)

    old mcdonald is also my favorite! mum + i we'd sing it with my finger puppets! ^_^

    thanks for joining KID, see you again next week! ;)

  4. yay! for the new lappy :-) am sure that Iris will have a blast using Mommy's gadget :-) Dropping by from Kids in Doodles


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